Goechala Dzongri Trek in Sikkim 2021, Gangtok, Sikkim, India

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Explore the eastern Himalayas with the Goecha La Trek! Goecha La, a high mountain pass located just 50 kilometers from the capital city of Gangtok in Sikkim, offers an enchanting charm of the North East. It thrives through the wetlands and lush forests of the Kanchenjunga National Park area amidst the Himalayas. It is a popular destination for walkers. The highlight of the walk is the fascinating view of the mountain from a majestic peak of 15,100 meters. The summit of Dzongri offers the view of Kanchenjunga as well as 16 other towering Himalayan peaks. Even the INR 100 denominator banknotes feature this unrivaled sight of Kanchenjunga from here. In Gangtok and all of Sikkim, at a height of 5,500 m, the walk will also provide splendid sightseeing opportunities.

The Trek Goecha La begins in Yuksom cultural town in Sachen, Tshoka along the Prek Chu River and offers a short stop to a Buddhist monastery. The highlight of this rather difficult walk is the 13,600 ft high Dzongri and the wonderful view from the whole world attracts travelers. On this trip in Sikkim, you continue to the valleys and wilderness of Tshanging on the slope of the River Pandim, reaching the lakes of Samiti and the Gateway to Goechala, where the justifiable experience of trekking in Gangtok and northeast India is eventually gone. 

Goecha La Trek offers camps for the overnight in these beautiful places and guided by experienced and qualified tour guides and staff. This wonderful trek in the eastern Himalayas gives you an equally splendid camping experience with Sikkim weather known for its sub-zero temperatures, particularly during the colder weather! The trek leads you to some of India’s coldest places! The Geocha La Trek is an amazing journey through nature and its ingenuity.


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Day 1: New Jalpiaguri (NJP) to Yuksom

#Our officials will lead you to Yuksom at 10:00 AM (150km). The 8-hour journey runs alongside the Yeesta River, which has an excellent connection with Sikkim.

#You will stay in a guest house and be briefed on the tours, trekking routes, conditions for the environment, and other regulations and protections.

Day 2: Yuksom-Sachen

#We leave for our first tour destination at 7200 ft after an early breakfast and take about 6 hours. The valleys lead you through dense forests and small villages, where walkers often see yaks and mule trees.

#The path takes you through pristine rivers, orchids, and a fascinating view of the waterfalls of Tshushay Khola. Set up your camps on the forest grounds of Sachen for five hours on the trek.

Day 3: Sachen to Tshokha

#Due to its steep and challenging climb, it takes about 5-7 hours to get to Tshokha. You will be taken to the Tshokha Tibetan refugee settlement by the wooded Bakha region, plantations, and pellucid waters of the Prek Chu River.

#Rest well to increase your energy for the next day’s Dzongri climb

Day 4: Tshokha- Phedang-Dzongri

#The trail today takes 9-10 hours until the sunrise takes you through the Himalayan peaks. Within a few minutes the path moves to a steep climb, so walk carefully through the stones and pebbles. In thick, red rhododendrons, the trekkers march forward. The red flowers make an amazing journey in Spring. The Phedang rest stop is right in the centre of the journey today.

#On the surrounding mountains and Buddhists’ little places of worship, the hikers arrive in Dzongri. Make your tents up at 12,980ft altitude, have dinner and relax

Day 5: To  Dzingri top and back and then Thansing

#You will be on top of Dzongrí Top at 13, 675ft for an hour of morning trekking. The scenery of the splendid Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Pandim, Koktak, Narsing peaks as well as many other peaks. Before you go back to Dzongri, soak in that picturesque view.

#Thansing, via a beautiful, clear descent to Kokcharang, is the second destination through lush waters and thick rhododendrons. The river Prek Chu is a direct walk to the campground across the bridge. Sit down after a small meal, because heavy food can lead to havoc in higher elevations. More liquid intake is recommended.

Day 6: Thansing to Lamuney

#The journey to Lamuney takes about 2 hours and is the easiest one in this adventure. Today’s recreational trail helps your body to rest and get used to the height. You cross the wilderness and stretched pastures on either side of the beautiful path.

#You should not get tired and rest all day tomorrow for a long walk.

Day 7: Lamuney – Geochala and back to kakchurang

#Start early in the day to avoid the harsh weather later. You will start a steep ascent to the View Point of Geochala at an elevation of 15,100ft one hour overlooking Lake Samiti. Place yourself in the sunrise while it throws a caramel hue on the white pinnacles. Again, you will be captivated by the beauty of Kanchenjunga and other peaks.

#Go down to Lamuney and continue to Kankchurag. For lunch. It is recommended that you go down the same day as far as possible.

Day 8: Kokchurag- pedang- Tshokha

#Start the trip early for 7 hours until 3-4 pm in the morning to Tshokha. You will pass Dzongri Plateau insight with Mt. Pandim all the way. Rest at Pedang but try to avoid additional stops before darkness reaches your destination.

Day 9: Tshokha-Yuksom

#The last part of the adventure is 15 kilometers and goes down along the same path. Again you enjoy the fantastic view and see the villages and settlements on your way into the city. Trekkers can interact with local people and explore local shops, cuisine, and culture if time allows.

Day 10: Departure from Yuksome

#8:00 AM Check out to New Jalpaiguri and leave there. Your expedition is over!


stay type

The trip and guest house/homestay in Yuksom are in comfortable tents.


All meals are provided during walking – breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner.


High altitudes climate conditions vary from the plain; it takes sufficient time to become acclimatic.

Pay attention to the trek leader or trainer for a safe and healthy trekking experience.

During the trek, do not consume alcohol or any other drugs.

Do not hike in the night.

Consult a doctor before starting the trek.

During the hike, carry essential drugs and first aid kits.

Avoid nighttime roaming.

The trek passes through an environmentally friendly zone and does not encourage the dispersion of local sites or campsites.

Camp has no locker installations and is not responsible.

Internet connectivity could be slow/NIL, please advance your guardians or friends.


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