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If the smells of nature have ever captivated you, if you absolutely miss those memories of Indian youth spent in the mango fields, or if you want an ideal day out, Mango Mist Resort in Bangalore is the place to go. The campaign, which began in 2010, aimed to resurrect memories of Indian childhood spent on the mango fields. Mango Mist Resort rapidly gained popularity for its delicious perfume of mangoes combined with the fragrance of damp mud.

Mango Mist relies heavily on renewable resources; up to 50% of the energy utilised at Mango Mist is renewable solar energy, including heat and power, and up to 90% of spent water is recovered, cleaned, and used for horticultural purposes. They also utilise organic veggies and fruits that are freshly acquired from local farmers and marketplaces. Mango Mist Resort exemplifies ethical management by focusing completely on its guests’ health, hygiene, and happy comfort.

The Mango Mist Resort has become an important element of special occasions (such as weddings, banquet meetings, cat parties, and birthdays) and business gatherings due to its dependability and elegance (like team building activities, Mc, DJ). The ambiance style is modern with a touch of simplicity and class that will capture your attention. They provide a plethora of services that you can readily use, such as WiFi, laundry, a swimming pool, room service, a conference room, and a children’s play area. Pet owners will be delighted to learn that the Resort includes a pet-friendly feature.

The Mango Mist Resort’s day out packages vary greatly in terms of pricing, programs, and included food and beverages. The Resort now has 20 years of experience and tradition, for which they strive to live up to the legacy they have established and are now in the process of creating. Mango Mist welcomes visitors from all across the country and even from outside the box. Every package includes use of the Resort’s regular facilities as well as welcome refreshments. You have full access to the pool and may enjoy a panoramic mist dance with an English or Bollywood DJ.

The stay at Mango Mist Resort is not just magnificent but also relaxing. The Resort offers air-conditioned cottage accommodations, and some cottages include an LCD television, an attached private pool, and a mini-refrigerator.

Cottage types 

Rasapuri / Rajapuri Cottage

Sindu Cottage

Neelum Cottage

Vanraj Cottage

Malnad Cottage


The activities available at the Mango Mist Resort have the potential to enhance your day out. Mango Mist Resort strives to make your visit/stay as peaceful and pleasurable as possible. The Resort uses complex terminology and binds you to particular laws and regulations. They provide a variety of indoor and outdoor adventure sports, as well as all-day fresh drinks, on a single plate, including ziplining, water zorbing, rock climbing, and many others.

Even amid the multitudes of resorts in and around Bangalore, the Mango Mist Resort has its own distinct individuality. A person’s hectic life wants at least one day off, and the Mango Mist staff ensures that day off is properly spent in leisure. Nothing except a brief day trip can prepare you for the coming rush. So, reserve your spot, breathe in the fresh air, relive your childhood memories, and relax.


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