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The Tosh  trek takes you through the Parvati Valley deep in the Himalayas for a magnificent journey. Tosh is in Parvati Valley near Kasol, in the Himalayan State of Himachal Pradesh, at approximately 2,400m (7,874 ft) above sea level. A short trek of about an hour and a half can easily cross the 20km distance from Kasol to Tosh. The Tosh River becomes an increasingly popular tourist destination. Tosh, a land which Lord Shiva blessed, is defeated by the mountains that surround him, and is at the height of the Himachal Pradesh Parvati Hydel Project. This great opportunity for trekking is a simple, smooth trek that keeps its slope and decreases all around! The village of Tosh is regarded as one of India’s most charming trekking destinations.

You can remember strongly that you no longer are in the city with the views of snow-capped mountains rising over distance and the warm air that hits you face. This peaceful trek takes you through the woods in the region of Tosh to the roaring Tosh Waterfall, where you can relax by the clear cool water while you swim. Depending on the season, the Tosh weather can vary greatly. Winters in the village of Tosh see snowfall from the beginning of the season, and summers keep the temperature cool and pleasant. Ideally during the monsoons, the trek should be avoided because the trail can become slippery and dangerous. In winter, Tosh’s temperature can go down to about -8°C, while in summer time the temperature remains around 25°C. To such an extent, the Tosh valley trek is becoming popular in India and around the world, people began referring to the Tosh trek. Although Tosh is a small hamlet, walking around it is easy. Try Israeli and European delicacies with lip-smacking too. A hot cup of tea and maggie should not be missed at high levels with great views. Nothing gets better if you want a weekend getaway from your daily life. Tosh valley trek is one of Delhi’s best weekend trips, thanks to its easy route from Delhi and its incredible accessibility.

One can stay in tents and experience nature in its best form, or one of the best places to stay in Tosh can enjoy the warmth of a home in the native house. Be prepared for fires and bags to sleep! Make the most of your time for your next holiday with this nature experience!

This beautiful trek in Barshaini begins through the Parvati Valley. By bus from Delhi to Bhuntar you can easily reach Barshaini and from Bhuntar you can get to Barshaini by bus. Kasol to Tosh is about 20 km away from here (12.5 miles). The route is via Barshaini Road and another picturesque place of Manikaran only 5 km far from Kasol, and can also easily be reached via Manikaran via Kasol via Tosh in 1 hour by a taxi, that will cost you around Rs. 800-900/- depending on the year.

General Travel Tips For Tosh Trek:

# Pack by season and hold all the appropriate things for the hike.

# Don’t walk in the Tosh trek alone at night. It’s not safe.

# Do not engage in any illegal activity drug, alcohol, etc. 

# Take a water bottle and some handy snacks always with you.

# There’s a different Pahadi community. Show culture and values respect.

# No trace policy accompanies the leave. Keep safe and green in the surroundings.

# Be safe and do not harm plants or animals

#Although it is an easy hike, a trek leader with you is advisable.


Flora and Fauna

You’ll find Blue Himalayan Poppies, irises, primulas, buttercups, marsh marigolds, and Himalayan Balsam flowers here. Apple orchards are a huge source of income for local people. Wooden houses add to the scenic beauty and throw light on the architecture of mountain people. Parvati river flows alongside the village and breathes life into the place. 


Difficulty level of Tosh Trek

The difficulty level is easy and beginner-friendly. It is the most comfortable trek of all other nearest treks as you can cover it in one day easily. It can be treated as a quick getaway from your busy city lives. 


Best time to visit To Tosh Trek

The best time to visit Tosh valley trek is during summer and pre-winter. The view during this time is no less than art and the trek is much easier and smoother to experience during this time. It is not advisable to go trekking here in the monsoon as the trail is slippery. 


Trek time

It’ll take you approximately 1.5hrs to trek to Tosh from Bahraini which covers a distance of 3km. You can camp there and return the next day to know and experience more of this beautiful place. 


Trail information 

After arriving in Kasol, you need to reach the starting point of the Tosh valley trek which is Bharshaini. Follow the Tosh river deep into the forest of pine while trekking to Tosh Valley trek. Then you’ll reach the beautiful springs and rocks. From here, trek to the Tosh waterfall which is approximately 2.5km.

You can stay here overnight and camp, enjoy the night with music and bonfire. 

You will be trekking back from Tosh valley the next day. After reaching Barshaini, take transport to Kasol. 



  • sight-seeing
  • Visit Tosh Mandir
  • Spend some quality time at the Tosh Waterfall
  • Enjoy the natural beauty
  • Admire the Apple orchards
  • Witness the Local Mountain culture
  • Camp under the sky full of stars and wake up to a spectacular sunrise.
  • Try local Israeli food. 
  • Click amazing pictures.


Precautions and Essentials

  • Good trekking shoewear is advised to ensure a comfortable trekking experience. 
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes. 
  • Consuming alcohol and smoking are prohibited.
  • You should stick to a group as there are many wild animals in the forests.
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Complete trekking gear
  • ID proof is required in the trek.
  • Carry water and some food with yourself.
  • Carry a backpack or bag which has double strap (no sling bag is preferred).
  • Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 
  • Carry rainjackets, first aid, windcheater, and some extra clothes for emergency needs.
  • Carry minimum weight. 
  • Don’t litter. 
  • Take care of your luggage. 
  • Carry your medicines and first aid. Carry personal medicines if any.
  • Carry dry fruits and energy snack bars.


It is a beginner-friendly trek as the trail can be covered in less time than other treks. Some added perks are even though it’s a smaller journey, it doesn’t make your experience any less memorable. This land is made to get lost in and relax as many of us want a break from our boring hectic daily schedules. The locals are very welcoming and friendly. While you’re there don’t miss out on the tales of Tosh Mandir cult stories. The place has spiritual significance as it is believed to have been blessed by Lord Shiva. No wonder it’s one of the most peaceful places. This trek is a must for photographers and travel bloggers. Every minute you spend here brings you closer to nature and culture. It is the perfect family as well as friends trip you’ve been planning for ages.


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Day-1 Trek to tosh Waterfall | Departure for the tosh trek 

# Meet us at Tosh Trek’s Barshaini beginning! We will launch our scenic walk from here to the base camp, which is located near Tosh and Barshaini.

# The picturesque Tosh Waterfall trek starts from the base camp. The hiking trail is approximately 2.5 km long and offers the hikers one of nature’s most splendid views. The walk is not steep, and is steady in slope and slope.

# Take the beauty of the forest as you reach the waterfall. Revel in the quiet and feel the clean cold waters in your ears, just breath in the clean scent of the pine. You will start your trek back to the base camp after spending some time at the waterfall.

# Before you go home, enjoy a campfire and share your stories with your fellow trekkers.

Day-2 Back to Barshaini

# Wake up to a beautiful picturesque Tosh valley trek and enjoy the magnificent sunrise, as nature surrounds you during your perfect journey.

# enjoy your Healthy and energizing breakfast

# Which, you’re going to begin your trek to Barshaini i,e Tosh Valley

# The transportation from Barshaini to Kasol from here would put an end to the spectacular Tosh valley trek.

stay type

#The participants have a choice of camping and lodging for this adventure.

#We will provide waterproof tents (a multifunctional sharing) and sleeping bags to you if you want to experience the world of camping.

#Alternatively, the local people’s hospitality can also be experienced in a home. This is one of Tosh’s best stay experiences.


#For the first day we will have lunch, dinner, and snacks for the trekker, and tea and coffee.

#For the second day, breakfast is provided.
All our food is nourishing, delicious, and vegetarian. It includes Indian cuisine.


#Minimum carry weight

#Don’t litter

#It is not allowed to use alcohol and smoking.

#It will be binding and final that the trek leader decides.

#Weather conditions may cause delays

#It is recommended not to go for this expedition to anyone with health conditions, such as asthma etc.

#But it’s at their own risk if they decide so.

#Don’t walk yourselves away.

#Give your own baggage care, please.

#If you have selected a home, please treat and talk to the hosts comfortably!


  1. What is Tosh Trek’s best time?

Trekking in Tosh Valley normally takes place between July and September. From November to March during the winter months. Avoid the walk between July and September.

  1. How much time should I spend every day?

For the Tosh Trek, you walk between 2000 to 4000 meters a day.

  1. How much weight do I need to travel to the Valley of Tosh? Is porters going to be there?

A 60 Ltr backpack for Tosh Trekking is recommended, but the weight to carry depends on your needs. Porters and mules are available and only 10kgs are carried.

  1. What kind of shoes should I buy?

Good quality and robust walking shoes covering the ankles. Do not use sports shoes for your own protection, and the trails are unprecedented and difficult and therefore require good footwear. Please remember to use them at least one month before your holiday begins if you purchase new shoes for the ride.

  1. What kind of food would the Tosh trek provide? What about clean potable water?

Day 1 dining and breakfast on day 2 during the trek to Tosh Valley will be served Indian vegetarian cuisine. Himalayan water is considered a pure and mineral water, but boiling water with chlorine tablets can be found on the safety side.

  1. How to get to Valley of Tosh?

Tosh has a strong road link. From Bhuntar you can either go to Tosh by taxi or local bus. Bhuntar and Tosh are 51 km from each other. A taxi will take you from Bhuntar to Tosh Village, but Barshaini is the last stop for a 40-50 minute taxi or hike since Tosh is only 3 kilometers away from Barshaini.

  1. What’s the weather going to Tosh Trekking?

Tosh has a nice weather all year round, with the maximum temperature at 30 degrees celsius. The average temperature in the area ranges from 2°C to 10°C.

Visit the months before and after Monsoon – June, July and August for Tosh Valley trek’s greatest experience. In December and January, however, it’s snowing here. Therefore, during winter the trek can be very difficult.

  1. How much is Tosh Valley Trek’s difficulty? What type of fitness would this trek require??

Tosh Trek has an easy to moderate difficulty level. This hike is great for beginners. To make this trip to Tosh, you should be fit and up to 10 kilometers on a stretch.

It is not advisable to walk if you have Asthma or other respiratory disorders. You should consider taking this trek, however, if your physician says you’re good to go.

  1. Can Tosh Valley Trek have mobile connectivity?

In Tosh, mobile connectivity is poor, but depends on your mobile network. For instance, you will have mobile connectivity if you are using Airtel or BSNL. Tosh Village offers most cellular networks.

  1. What about Tosh Valley first aid and drugs?

You are advised to bring the requisite drugs during the walk, since the chances of finding first aid drugs are small in Tosh. In the market area of Kasol, however, you can find medical shops.

  1. What are the places in Tosh Valley to visit?

The beautiful spots around Tosh is blessed. You can visit nearby sites such as Malana, Manikaran, Kheerganga, Chalal, Kasol, Rasol if you have time after the Tosh walks.

  1. Is Tosh Valley Trek healthy for women?

Yes, everybody can do Tosh Trek regardless of their gender, it is totally healthy. For visitors, Kasol and Tosh are thought to be very healthy. Many solo tourists can be found in the region. In addition, the locals support and work together. However, caution is still safest.

  1. What kind of lodging would be available on Trek to Tosh?

The walk involves campsites. Tents are set up in Tosh for the trekkers on this triple sharing.

  1. What are the various items in Kasol apart from trekking?

Among adventure fans, Kasol is a popular destination. In addition to trekking, there are a variety of activities in Kasol. They are camping, diving into springs of hot water, photography, walking, sightseeing.

  1. Is Tosh open during the year?

The whole year round, Yes Tosh is available. Tosh Valley Trek can be experienced whenever you want. The only condition is that at least two individuals have to go on the trek. All year round, we have tosh hiking services.

  1. Can my first trek be Tosh?

Yeah, the level of difficulty of this trek in Tosh can be your first trek. Actually, many beginners just begin their Tush trekking expedition. Tosh Trek can easily be done by men, women and kids who are to trek for the first time.

  1. How does the Tosh Valley Trek start and end?

The Tosh Valley trek starts and ends at Kasol. You must get to Kasol, from where you can rent a taxi or take a bus to Bharsani. From this point the trekking party will start. A guide will drop you to Bharsani when you come back. Take the transport from Kasol to the end of your Tosh Valley Trek.

  1. What is the minimum Tosh Valley Trek package size for use by group?

To use this kit there must be at least 2 people in the party. Only after the minimum number of requirements is met can the whole expedition begin.

For every Tosh Trek load, the maximum number of people allowed includes men, women and children is 10.

  1. Is it possible to walk Tosh Valley?

If you tour there, Tosh is pretty healthy. It is both safe and enjoyable and exciting for both boys and girls. However, it is necessary to ensure that the tour guide knows the geography and terrain of the area.

It is a cardinal rule to watch out for what your guide instructs while you are trekking. In any case, it is important to be careful about the belongings and to remain away from any negative influence whenever you fly.

  1. Does Tosh Valley Trek have snowfall?

Winter months are in India from December to February. Thus, in Himachal Pradesh, one can find snow at Tosh. It may be possible to experience snow in patches during March or April.

But some things get limited when there is a heavy snowfall. Thus, during the summer seasons Tosh Valley trekking can often be tricky.

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  1. Srk khan

    The beauty of this place cannot be described by Words. With my first trip together, my wife and I had agreed to do something lovely and enjoyable, and we went from this trek. It was fun, though we were tired of climbing, hiking, hiking and something, that was definitely a fantastic experience. I enjoyed it so much and in my life I wish I would go on one of these trekks.

  2. Namrata Agarwal

    Nice trip for tosh trek a great trek and the great team who manage my trip well thanks for making my trip awesome

  3. Devesh Jhalani

    We had a great time on this excursion. take care of everything and help to make this a trip that we will all never forget. They’ll notify you of all the amenities that are offered. Going forward, I also favour the travel staff at Jannattrips.

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