Kareri LakeTrek with Camping, Mcleodganj 2022, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

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At 3300 metres in height the kareri trek lake or the Kareri Dal as the locals say. It is about 9 kilometers from Dharamshala, in the Himalayan state of the Himachal Pradesh district of Kangra. Kareri Lake has different temperatures in different seasons. During the days of the summer, it can go up to 43 degrees while during the winter the temperature is negative. Spring, especially if you want to see the flora and fauna of this area fully flower, is the best time to take this walk. In the monsoon season, the best way out of this is by receiving the highest amount of rainfall in the State in the Kangra district Himachal Pradesh, where the lake lies. In the monsoon weather, the route to Kareri Lake trek can be slippery and dangerous and cause accidents.

On the path of the best nature, the dense forests consisting of enormous pine and oak trees, the grassy moss covering the rocks around which streams meander and wildflowers sprint here and there, take your participants a walk towards Kareri Lake trek. A beautiful view of the Dhauladhars reflected in the surface of the lake itself offers to the takers. The flora changes in height during the trek. It begins with pine and broadleaf forests and slowly becomes grasslands and deodar and pine woodland. You will also find small cascades and a river bubbling most of the way down to you. If we were to map the path, it would be apparent that as the trek starts with a slow, gentle path, it gets steeper, however, many steep parts are gradually cut into the rocks for convenient use when you go steeper along the road. The total length of the hike is 27 km – one side – and the trek is short for 3 days. This makes the Kareri Lake trek relatively easy and great for first-time travellers.

You can live in tents, sleeping bags, and brave cold, camping in the beautiful State of Himachal Pradesh for a lifetime! Or in the home of the Kareri village, you can experience wonderful hospitality. With this life-changing trip to Kareri trek, make your vacation memorable.

This adventure for backpackers starts with Dharamkot. You can easily catch a night bus from Delhi to McLeodganj to Dharamkot, which is just 2 kilometres away, and is easily reached by walking distance in just 30 minutes. The distance is also frequent for buses, taxis and auto-rickshaws. You may take a bus or taxi to Dharamkot to fly to Dharamshala Airport. In Pathankot, about 90 km away is the nearest railway head. A taxi to Dharamkot can also be easily found from there.

Kareri Lake trek is a high altitude, shallow, fresh lake south of the Dhauladhar very close to Dharamshala. The complete path of the trek is extremely varied and exquisite. It’s at an altitude of 2934 M. There’s a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti on a peak commanding. Many cushions kothis are gifts on the opposite facet of the lake, a section that is employed by the Gaddis as a grazing ground for his or her animals. 

The forest is dotted with pines and shrubs. The lake itself is glacial and shut to the line. This mix to create the transition of vegetation zones with altitude simply visible on this path. Kareri Lake trek may be a beautiful weekend journey for individuals searching for choices off from a lot of overwhelmed Himachal trails like Kheerganga, Prashar lake, Triund, etc.


You may encounter creative shepherd villages that have a charm of their own. Different attractions square measure the Lord Shiva temple that is priced for a visit. The path to Kareri Lake Trek will certainly interest you if you’re curious about bird observance as there are numerous species of birds to seem out for. Therefore be prepared along with your cameras for that good capture. The forests here square measure a mixture of pines and shrubs that act as an ideal concealing for a few exclusive birds.

The next half of the path may be a rocky piece of land beside Nyund nallah. You may be facing a large form of terrains on this trek, starting from straight roads to stream crossings over picket bridges, and steep ascents. Once incoming at the lake, pay your time clicking footage there, before disbursement another wonderful night in tents at the lake.

Trek to Kareri Lake kicks removed from McLeodganj; it passes through Mankiani Pass, Baleni Pass, Lioti, and at last ends at the Kareri Lake. On your journey to Kareri lake trek, you may see several vintage landmarks, which supply a good read of the neighboring mountains and valleys. The path traverses through lush forests, slender terrains, whirly passes, scenic meadows, and far a lot of.

The history of Kareri Lake involves spiritual importance. A standard attraction close to Kareri Lake may be a temple that’s dedicated to Lord Shiva and Shakti. This ancient temple overlooks the gorgeous lake and is located on a peak. Near the Kareri lake, you’ll additionally notice many cushions kothis. These are grazing grounds utilized by the Gaddis for his or her bovine. This is often a vital facet of the culture of the villagers from Kareri. Out of all of those attractions, the foremost venturous one is the trek. There square measure many things to try and do throughout the Kareri Lake Trek

Special tips for trekkers:

Kareri Village is the last stop along the Kareri Lake Trek. In addition, you can only rely on your packed lunch. It is best to prepare and carry food, especially with high energy sugar, such as sweets, power bars, chikki…!

The walk takes you up steeper and gentler paths. During the Kareri Lake Route however, the distances covered will be long and take much of the day. In such situations, you must plan ahead and begin exercising in order to keep your body fit. Good ideas are also to do yoga and to follow a healthy diet.

Acute mountain disease is caused by a high altitude lack of oxygen.It is advisable for you to take your time to acclimate, especially on a walk to Kareri Lake from the village of Kareri, to protect yourself against this disease.

Prepare yourself for heavy downpours if you take the Kareri Lake Trek near the monsoons. Carry a windshield and a raincoat to prevent the water from penetrating!

Prepare yourself for heavy downpours if you take the Kareri Lake Trek near the monsoons. Carry a windshield and a raincoat to prevent the water from penetrating!

Use your holiday days wisely and hold an extra day together, for example when the weather can often delay your schedule. Landslides, which follow heavy rain, are common in the lake region of Kareri. This leads to road and traffic jams being destroyed!

It is always advisable to take your backpack off from the base camp or base village and only bring the essential items up on Kareri Lake. Keep baggage to the lowest possible level, otherwise, your body will start to rebel within the first hour of the trek.

When you stop in the mountains and explore every nook and cranny in the area. Make your trip worth your time. Don’t forget to visit Kareri Village, Dharamshala and McLeodganj during the Kareri Lake.

How to reach:

By Air :

The nearest field is at Gaggal, concerning thirteen kilometers off from Dharamshala. Gaggal field connects Dharamshala to Old Delhi via Air India and Spice Jet flights. Tourists from different elements of India would notice it easier to require a flight until Chandigarh and book a taxi for his or her onward journey to Dharamshala, which is concerning 275 kilometers away.

By Train :

A nightlong train journey may be a smart choice to reach Dharamshala. the closest major railroad terminal is at Pathankot, eighty-five kilometers away. Various trains attend Jammu and Jammu and Kashmir that stop by in Pathankot. you’ll be able to take a taxi or bus from Pathankot to succeed in Dharamshala. there’s conjointly a smaller railroad terminal, Kangra Mandir, simply twenty-two kilometers from Dharamshala however none of the necessary trains halt here.

Why it’s an essential visit:

Kareri Lake trek is a lot more beautiful than you’ll be able to imagine despite its proximity to the city that has been seeing traffic jams in summer! A moderately troublesome trek, it goes through Kareri Village and traverses through the pine forest. The forest gets denser for a moment and you would possibly even be able to spot a Blue Magpie or a lot of. The village contains a Forest edifice and many homes that sell basic amenities; a number of these homes additionally supply facilities for a night’s keep or a lot of.

It’s a perfect weekend getaway trek to the present perfect elliptical glacial lake. It will be trekked by beginners and toughened trekkers alike. It’s straightforward enough to be trekked by yourself while not a guide.

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Day-1 From Dharamkot to Kareri Village base camp – Trek of 13 km

# Meet us at Dharamkot, where your trip begins. Our trek leader will give you your guidelines and we will quit!

# We will head for the base camp at 2200m above sea level in the picturesque village of Kareri. The trek is a long and relaxing day and will take the best part of the day.

# When you enter Kareri, you can relax and refresh and meet the people of the Gaddi Tribe, the indigenous people of the region.

# You can then retire to the tent or stay home for the night!

Day-2 From Kareri Village to Kareri Lake trek – Distance of 14 km

# Start your walk to Kareri Lake early with a tasty breakfast. You can hike on a steep path and from your current 2200 m, you reach a height of around 3300 m.

# On your way, you can experience the best nature, like gurgling, cold water bubbling, giant boulders, rolling pine, and oak trees, and, of course, the stunning Himalayan view.

# You’ll see the stunning view of the clear deep blue of Kareri Lake as soon as you arrived at Minkiani Pass. You’re never going to forget a view.

# You start the trek back to Kareri Village base camp after having taken the view for a while.

# Relax, enjoy your dinner and retire for the night when you hit the base.

Day-3 From Kareri Village to Ghera trek and drive back to McLeodganj

# Start the trek to Ghera after breakfast. The trek is going to be steady downhill and extremely exciting. The flora and fauna changes every step of the way and gets denser every few metres.

# At Ghera, your transportation is waiting to take you back to McLeodganj, where your journey with us is coming to an end.


Stay Type

Jannattrips allows you to choose whether you want to share experiences in camps.

We will supply you with the necessary equipment, such as waterproof tents and sleeping bags.

All of our provisions are hygienic and completely hygienic.


On the first day, we shall have lunch and dinner.

On the second day, we will provide the whole meal cycle, and on the third day we will have breakfast.

We offer vegetarian, healthy and nutritious foods.

They include Indian cuisine and delicious guaranteed!


What we have to warn you about is:

Minimum carry weight

Don’t wail.

It is not permitted to use alcohol or smoking.

The trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.

Weather conditions may cause delays

It is recommended not to go for this expedition for anyone suffering from health conditions such as asthma etc. But it’s at your own risk if you so decide.

Don’t wander yourself.

Grab your own baggage, please.

If you have chosen a household, please respect the hosts and speak to them!


All licenses and trekking permits for Kareri Lake.

Expertise and guide for trekking and camping.

Stay and sleeping bags and appropriate camping gear.

Food for the long journey.

For the corresponding period of transport.


  1. What is the best time to go for Karriera Lake Trek?

The best time to go for Karheri Lake Trekking is during May to July, September to November when the weather remains quite suitable for trekkers. The temperature can fall to 8 ° C during May to – October (July & August may face rain).

  1. What is the level of difficulty of the Karrery Lake Trek?

The difficulty level of trekking lake ranches from easy to moderate. You will cover a distance of 29km from the beginning of your day. You will trekking to an altitude of 11972 feet. For adventure seekers and sensation seekers, this is a trip to do.

Beautiful lakes offer different types of beauty that cannot be understood unless you have watched it yourself.

  1. What kind of physical fitness is asked to do the Lake Kareri track?

Tracks to Lake Karri are considered a journey that is easily moderated by a steep and gradual climbing mixture, mostly through the village. The trip was not too difficult, but the last peak was complicated and needed climbing in deep snow. But you must prepare yourself for this.

For this, you can start jogging every day and then doing cycling for some time. Always up the stairs without a break that will help you stay fit.

Also, start quickly 10 minutes running every day and then some physical exercises like stretches. You can also do some yoga every day to set your breathing properly.

  1. How is the weather of the Lake Track because of the track?

Temperatures can fall to 8 ° C during May to – October (July & August may face rain). If it rains, hope this temperature goes down further. Usually it becomes windy in the afternoon. The wind usually dies late at night until the sun rises.

Rain clouds may appear above the minkiani pass with a little without warning. A busy snow until May or June will be another surprise for you.

  1. What clothes or equipment do we need to bring from our side during the Lake Kareri track?

When you go to your trip to Lake Kareri, there are some important things you need to carry. Essentials Track:

Trekking shoes: At Har Ki Dun Trek you will discuss distance far away and run long. So you need good and tough trekking shoes. Choose flexible trekking shoes and have good ankle support. Also, see that they are waterproof.

Backpack: You will also need a good backpack with a sturdy strap and a supporting frame. Don’t forget to take your backpack with a rain cover.

Backpack (40-60 liters): Backpack with sturdy rope and supporting frame. The rain cover for backpack is very important. Clothing: Two Track Pants: Bring at least two spare pairs if you feel wet. Wear one pair and bring another partner.

Three layers warm: during this trip you will trekking at high heights so it is very important that you have the right clothes for climate conditions. Make sure you have three layers of warm clothes

  1. Diamox is suggested in Lake Trek carriage?

Lake track ranchers are quite suitable for people who are beginners and you can easily adjust well because they have a full day for you to rest. But if you find the symptoms of AMS (acute mountain disease) which includes headaches, nausea and vomiting then tells the leader of your trip.

During your trip, each camp holds the first aid kit and a complete cylinder for such a situation.

  1. What kind of shoes should I bring in Karrery Lake Trek?

On the lake track of your Kareri, you will discuss distance far away and run long. So you need good and tough trekking shoes. Choose flexible trekking shoes and have good ankle support.

Also, see that they are waterproof. Quechua Forclaz 100 high will be a good choice for you.

  1. Does Lake Kareri, a good trip for the first timer?

Yes, trekking to Lake Kareri is a very good trip for the first timer and beginner. Every day you will trekking for around 5/6 hours, so prepare yourself physically. You will have some steep climb and down every day.

  1. Can I drink liquor or smoke when we are on the Lake Kareri track?

No, drink and smoking is not recommended during the trip. Because you will trekking to a high altitude of drinking and smoking will affect your breathing conditions.

  1. What is the small room / toilet facilities at The Kareri Lake Trek?

While in Kareri Lake your track, we provide waterproof toilet tents. There will be 2 / 4tents depending on the size of the group. The toilet tent will have a deep hole for your natural calls. You will also have land mounds and shovels to cover it you can cover.

This is the most hygiene way for you in the wild. Also, toilet paper is suggested instead of wet tissue.

  1. What is the total track of the Lake Trek rug?

The total distance of Trekking Lake Kareri is 7 kilometers. This includes a 7 kilometer trip from Dharamkot to Kareri Village. After this, 4 kilometers of travel from Kareri Village to Lake Kareri.

While returning, travel for 14 kilometers to Ghera and then reach McLedoganj in the jeep.

  1. Is the ranchard of the lake track safe for travler solo and female tourists?

The Karrier Lake Trek is truly safe for solo and ladies travelers. This place is safe for all types of tourists and we pay too much attention to their safety.

We provide separate accommodations to men and women so they feel comfortable and comfortable.

  1. Is the pickup and drop facilities available from Delhi for Karteri Lake Trek?

Pickup facilities from Delhi to Dharamkot are not available by us. You need to reach my own dharamkot.

We provide pickup and drop facilities once you reach Dharamkot and also during the trip, wherever needed.

  1. What is the size of a batch usually for Lake Trek rugs?

Usually, the size of each batch trekking Lake Kareri is between 5-10 people, which includes men, women and children. We don’t keep it lacking and don’t even make it very crowded.

Many people together ensure pleasure and playing without chaos.

  1. What other inclusion in the Lake Trek carriage package?

Lunch is provided on the day you arrived together with the right accommodations at the tent house or village after reaching Kareri Village on Day 1. Breakfast will be provided on the 2nd day and the right lunch will be given to your trekking to Lake Kareri. Upon returning back to Kareri Village, dinner and sleeping to take day 3. Breakfast was given before your trip to Ghera. Jeep facilities are provided to take you to McLeodanj from Ghera.

Guide is provided who will accompany you throughout your trip. In short, all the food from lunch on day 1 for breakfast on day 3 was provided by us. Transportation while trekking is included in the package. Stay based on sharing is also included in your package.

  1. Where is the Karini Lake Trek start?

Karrery Lake Trek ranging from Dharamkot at McLeodanj within 8 kilometers of Kareri Village. It is located in the middle of a pure view of the Dhauladhar mountains.

Through the fertile green forest filled with Chir and Chilgoz Pines, the beauty of the trip was enhanced by the beautiful scenery of the landscape here. Kareri Trek ends in Lake Kareri who sits on the Minkiani Pass.

  1. How can I go to Lake Kareri?

Someone must travel to Lake Kareri which is the most popular activity associated with him at this location. Book a package for this trip from the best Jannattrips Travel which is known to offer great packages for all locations.

Almost all expeditions can be considered included in their package. Whether it’s fixed, food, sightseeing or interaction with native locations, someone can deny their money-efficient deal. So, save money even on your trip by ordering your Kareri Track package with Jannattrips.

  1. How long is the Karrery Trek?

The length of the Lake Kareri is 21 kilometers starting from Dharamkot in McLeodganj and ends at Lake Kareri. The trip was a moderate level of difficulty that traveled and the goal made everything worth it.

  1. What is the cost of the Lake Kareri track?

The best package for Kareri Trek is offered on the Jannattrips platform. The budget for this trip comes around INR 3500 per person after a 19% discount. All your accommodations, food, and interesting activities are included in this package.

This package also attracts interaction with the indigenous population of the Kareri region and their lifestyles.

  1. What is the height of Lake Track rugs?

Karrery Lake Trek that leads to the destination of Lake Kareri is located at an altitude of 3500 meters. Set in Himachal Pradesh, Kangra district.

In the entire Himalayan area of ​​India, it is the highest lake height. One can watch the heart capture the beauty of this goal by covering the Lake Kareri track.


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