Sar Pass Trek 2021, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India

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The Sar Pass trek will give visitors everything from hiking through dense trees and Rhododendron groves to outdoor activities in the Grahan Valley. This trek gives the tourists the opportunity to see the Himalayas in Kasol, a small settlement at 1580 m in Parvati Valley in Kullu, covered with lush greens and natural whites. The Sar Pass trek is becoming a favorite among those who are searching for a Kasol of Kullu adventure.

With an average trekking distance of 7-9 km per day, it is easy to moderate the level of difficulty of the Sar Pass trek with an average walking time of up to 7 hours. During the climb, the temperatures range from 0°C up to -20°C, depending very much on the night or day. Also, minor factors such as whether you are in the shade or in the direct sunlight can have a big influence on the thrilling Sar Pass Trek on your body temperature. Make sure you follow the directions of your trekking expert and get the most out of this wonderful ride.

On the first day, you can walk to Grahan Village, one of the beautiful villages of Parvati Valley.. A tour through the green forest of Pinewood, Deodar, and Rhododendrons to Grahan Village. The tour leads from Castle. It’s a popular trail for local people. The Grahan Village takes 4-5 hours. You’re going to hit it by night.

During this tour, you can enjoy Grahan Village’s accommodation for two nights, whether in a guesthouse or in a homestay. Besides that, you will also have the chance to camp for two nights at Grahan Village! Enjoy the life-changing camping experience under the stars!

On the second day of the trekking on the Sar Pass, the sunrise from Grahan Village campsite is the most fantastic and after planning you will walk to Mung Thach. Again, this is the most lovely trek you will have during the hike. You will have the opportunity to be fascinated by Chanderkhani, another specialty of the second-day trek. Your trek from Mung Thach to Nagaru begins the next day. The fourth day is the key day you will witness Sar Pass. The Sar Pass. Your fourth day will end at Biskeri after experiencing this beautiful location. On the fifth day, your journey will come, but you will never forget the adventure you had.

About Location

The Parvati Valley is one of the most attractive, natural wonders of the valley, Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. It is also renowned among walkers worldwide. In Parvati Valley, where the most popular and adventurous route is -‘Sar Pass Trek,’ there are several walking routes. Behind the name of Sar Pass, there is an explanation. The local population says that the lake is known in its local language as “Sar” You can travel through the frozen lake on your way from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Bridge. Which is called “Sar” by local people. It is one of the most popular routes in the mountains of Shivalik. The power of the trekkers is challenged. It’s one of Himachal Pradesh’s high altitude treks.

The unique aspect of this trek is that every place you pass is the most beautiful. You will be fascinated all along the trek. The height of the Sar Pass Trek is 13,850 feet long, making it the climb. Kasol base camp is the base camp for trekking. Kasol is a popular tourist destination also called “Mini Israel of the Himalayas” The vast green alpine wilderness of this area, Deodar tree trees, Rhododendrons, and Pinewood forests surround it. The town is near of the River Parvati. Kasol is also unique since it is situated near another tourist destination, e.g. Manikaran and Barshaini. Manikaran is the site of two Hindu and Sikh religions, where Barshaini is known as the base village for the trekking of kheer Ganga.

The Trekking Trail of the Sar Pass is blessed by the thick green trees, crystal clear waterfall and exciting routes, various Himalayan plant species, and flowers. Grahan Village’s first campsite is the remote town on the way. Here you can see and be amazed at the traditional architecture houses built years ago. Throughout remoteness, Min Throat is an open place where people used to feed their livestock. Nagaru is the last campsite prior to Sar Pass. The most beautiful top of the pass. The views of the Himalayan hills, the valleys, and the woods are wonderful. Becker is again a lovely location of lush green wilderness. Another Bishkeri specialty is here you will have the opportunity to observe Himalayan bird species. The night under the open sky is excellent and there are twinkling stars.

All areas are most picturesque and appropriate to quench the photographic appetite.

Activities to Do

Trekking is the main operation on the Sar Pass. Camping, bird watching, and photography are other events. All of these villages through which you travel are far away. There’s also the most gorgeous experience by camping. The most incredible galaxy views can be experienced there. A total feeling of account will stay throughout the trek. Capture all the moments and panorama views of lifetime memory so that photographs can be taken whenever needed. Walking at the higher altitudes will make the trekking fascinating and you will meet several unique species of the Himalayas.

How do I go?

There are 3 distinct modes of trekking at the Kasol for the Sar Pass:

By Air

Bhuntar Airport, which is Kullu Manali’s only major airport, is the nearest airport. Delhi Airport is well connected and all major airports are well connected through Delhi. Delhi flights are regularly run. Kasol Airport is 32 km away so you can board a government/private bus or rent a private tourist taxi from there. The ride to Kasol takes hardly one hour.

By Train

Chandigarh is 310 km from the closest railway station. Kasol is available for Volvo and other buses, so pick accordingly. You can also book a taxi from there, but it’s going to be a little costly.

By Road

The easiest way to hit Kasol is to do this. You can board an ISBT or Majnu Ka Tilla bus if you decide to leave Delhi. It is 517 Km from Delhi to Kasol and takes 12–13 hours, so you can reach Kasol during the morning by midnight. It will take 8-9 hours to drive I.e. 310 Km. You can take a government bus from Sector-43 ISBT.



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Day:1 Walk to Grahan Village | 5 Hours

# Get to know our representative of Kasol early in the morning. The team/group leader will exchange some instructions following a formal introductory round with his tripmates. Trekking begins after providing directions.

# You’ll walk to the village of Grahan from Kasol today. The road crosses the lush green alpine meadows,, woods, and cascades.

# Grahan Village at 2347 m above sea level.

# The walk has a total length of 9 km which can take up to 5 hours. You will start your tour by walking through a dense forest of pine trees, but also by the fragrance of Himalayan trees and plants that invade your senses.

# After a few hours on the relatively flat portion of the trek, the marked trail brings you to Grahan Nahal.

# From here on the walk becomes a little steeper, passing rhododendron trees, which grow wildly in spring.

# Enjoy your hard-earned lunch after reaching Grahan village, before exploring the picturesque town and its surroundings.

# The enjoyment of the townspeople and the stunning views of the surrounding mountains will take you into account.

# You’re going to camp overnight in Grahan Village. Enjoy a delicious meal, before heading for your evening tents around a cozy fire!

Day:2 Mung Thach Village Grahan Trek | 5 Hours

# Sunrise to be witness to the glorious sunrise of the Himalayas! Start your hike in the direction of Min Thach after an early breakfast.

# The trek will last roughly 4-5 hours. The trek begins with a relatively gentle route that eventually leads to a steep climb. You’ll walk through thick woods and hear the sound of water rushing out of sight somewhere.

# You’re going to hit Min Thach after a long trek. Relax for a while and celebrate the magical sunset when you get to camping.

# Enjoy the bonfire before the lights out, and your delicious meal!

Day:3 Trek from Mung Thach To Nagaru | 6 Hours

# The glorious Himalayan Sunrise Starts the morning!

# Be ready for the Nagaru trek at an altitude of 3795 m after a delicious breakfast!

# Due to the current snow the ascent on this day becomes steeper and slippery. It is advised to follow your trek leader’s directions carefully before proceeding. Do not forget to take ample breaks on the way, helping you better acclimatize.

# Take in the pure magnificence of the sloping greens of the valley of Parvati as you reach your destination. Your breath away is the snow-covered mountains that surface the scene! You will see, sparkling brilliantly, the picturesque village of Manikaran!

# After dinner head in your tents as it is not for the next day!

Day:4 Trek from Nagaru Biskeri Thatch via The Sar Pass | 7 Hours

# Start the morning with a sunrise and a good breakfast! You will walk today to the splendid Biskeri Thatch.

# The climb is steep and brings you into a thick white snow tapestry! Take the incredible views of the Tosh Valley and Sar Pass, which you can clearly see from where you stand!

# Take the total silence and the view of the valley from below, as you arrive at the top! You just have the fun part of the trek from here to the left – sliding through the snow!

# You’re around a km to reach the more gentle slopes of the valley on the side of the mountain. You will be taken to the Biskeri Thatch and to your camping during the night by the walk of around an hour and a half.

# Give up your dinner and head to your tents during the night in the magical sunset of this powerful Himalayas.

Day:5 Trek from Biskeri Thatch To Barshaini and Return to Kasol  | 5 Hours

# Rise in the morning crack to enjoy the final journey sunrise in the Himalayas! Before you launch your descent to Barshaini, enjoy your full breakfast.

# Begin with a steep descent across an area, followed by a trek across dense forest. # In the village of Tulga we also cross a bubbling stream.

# We’re going to take a quick break from Tulga to Barshaini by crossing a bridge over the rustling Parvati River!

# Rest in Barshaini to try and connect with the local people and explore local culture before going back to Kasol if time makes you. Late in the afternoon, you will hit Kasol, as your ride with us ends.

# You will have the rest of the day at your leisure exploring Kasol and its surroundings!


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