Kasol Kheerganga and Tosh Trek 2022, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

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Kasol is a picturesque village in the Himalayas at an elevation of around 1,580 m. In the valley of Parvati, along the Parvati River, the town is located. The natural hot springs of Kheerganga is a haven for trekkers who come and discover the apple trees while enjoying panoramic views. In the Parvati Valley along the Tosh River at 2,400 m altitude, Tosh is an increasingly popular tourist destination.

This journey takes you through the last trilogy in the Himalayas so that you can easily explore the three picturesque villages. You will also be able to experience the sunrises of Kheerganga, the city’s famous Israeli cafes, and the site of the campsite in the beautiful mountains, through the wonderful Parvati Valleys.

The three villages of Kasol Kheerganga and Tosh will experience camping – on a multifaceted shared basis – under the open sky.

At Kasol the hike begins. By taking a train from Delhi to Bhuntar you can get to Kasol. You can either take a bus or rent a cab from Bhuntar to Kasol. You can also fly to Dharamshala or Kullu, or you can take a coach from there to Kasol.


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Day1: Trek from Kasol to Chalal

# In the morning, meet us at Kasol. We’re only a little way from here to walk along the river to the campsite.

# We will start our trip to Chalal after a delicious breakfast. The trek takes you through a thick coniferous forest and enables you to explore Kasol along its picturesque path.

# You’ll reach Chalal, deep in the forest, after about 2 hours of a comfortable trek.

# Explore the small city for a while before returning to the camp.

# Enjoy the fire set up for you when you get there. You can retire to your tents in the night after a delicious dinner.

Day2: Trek From Kasol to Tosh

# Wake up and relax in the glory of the rising sun. We’ll start our drive to Tosh after a hot, delicious breakfast.

# The picturesque drive to the Tosh parking lot offers one of the most magnificent views over the breathtaking Parvati Valley.

# You will begin on a goat path up the hill to the Tosh Waterfall after you get there. In some areas the track is steep, in others it slowly declines.

# You can enjoy yourself after refreshing after reaching the campsite at the waterfalls.

# You can go to the tent for the night after having had a sumptuous dinner on another night of campfire.

Day3:  Trek from Tosh to Kheerganga

# Let another radiant sunrise begin in the morning. We will begin our trip to Kheerganga following an appetizing breakfast.

# This is an especially splendid leg of the walk. You will discover unparalleled nature’s beauty throughout the 15 km long trek.

# On this way, you’ll be crossed by rivers, little streams of the bubble, apple orchards, and the beautiful Parvati Valley sloping greens.

# Finally, when you get to the top, you can dip into the much-awaited Kheerganga thermal springs.

# You can dig into a delicious dinner and go to your tents for the night, after you have enjoyed yourself.

Day4: Return to Kasol

# Take the glitter of your last journey sunrise.

# We return to Kasol after breakfast as your experience with us ends.


#We will be providing dinner for the first day.

#Breakfast and dinner for the second day.

#Breakfast and dinner for the third day.

#Breakfast for the final day.

#All meals will be vegetarian, healthy, and nutritious, consisting of Indian cuisine.

Stay Type

#You will stay in camps sharing for the duration of this adventure.

#We offer you adequate campsite equipment, such as waterproof tents and bedding bags.

#The most strict hygiene standards apply to all our provisions.


#All relevant licenses and permits.

#Trekking and camping expertise and guidance.

#Stay and relevant camping gear like tents and sleeping bags.

#Meals for the relevant period.


#This adventure offers the participants a trekking and camping experience. The beauty of the Tosh Waterfall and the thermal springs of Kheerganga can be explored.


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