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Kheerganga Trek is one of the most well-known trekking sites in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of approximately 2950 metres.Kheerganga has many memorable trekking experiences in the Parvati Valley! The history of Kheerganga dates back thousands of years when it was the residence of Lord Shiva. The Kheerganga Trek temperature varies throughout the seasons! In the winter, the weather can get very cold with snow covering the landscape in sparkling snow. During the summer, i.e. late in May or early June, the temperature can rise to 45 degrees. However, winter temperatures hit badly and there is a frequent snowfall. The trekker may opt for the hike at any time of the year according to his preference, and for all months, whether it be in December or in May, this is an attractive prospect at any time of the year. It’s a short, easy walk that can take even beginners. The distance of the trek is 26 km. Although the distance is relatively sharper in some areas, the terrain remains a gentle slope or decline. In 1-2 days, it can be easily covered.

The natural paradise is Kheerganga, the beauty of the place is magnificent. tosh  Trek is a great option to enhance your soul and mind, the place smells like marijuana, perfectly suited for your trip; Malana is another adventurous trekking destination that will blow your mind with its characteristic beauty; it is 21 km from Kasol. It has a beautiful view of the valley, and there are many places in the vicinity. Pin Parvati Pass is the adventurous 110km long trail that is perfect for adventurers, Sar Pass, Manikarn Gurdwara and Rasol are all near Kheerganga.

This journey to Himachal Pradesh attracts people from all over the country with its promise of hot springs and its splendid views of the Himalayas and Parvati Valleys. It is a pocket friendly journey and the Barshaini base is located at an altitude of 1189 m just 3 hours by car from Manali. There are three possible routes to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini. The route taken from Kheerganga is different from the one that was taken to the area for the full experience. The hike begins at Barshaini and goes to Kheerganga, on a dam built on the Parvati river, where you will camp in tents overnight. You come down from there to Barshaini in the direction of Tosh, where tourist activity has recently boomed. In recent years, Tosh has become very well known and this trek offers an excellent chance to visit and explore the picturesque town for souvenirs! From Barshaini to Kheerganga there are a lot of unorthodox roads through the woods. However, these routes should be prevented because they can be hazardous and unreliable. Make your vacation in Kheerganga memorable!

We explore the village of Nakhtan and Rudra Nag along our way to keerganga Trek. The scenic slums are the perfect stops and are perfect for exploring and interacting with local people to get a taste of local culture in Himachal Pradesh. After some time, we arrived at the temple of Rudra Nag. Lord Shiva is the old temple and sees many pilgrims lost in religious fervour every year. Another magnificent landmark we encounter in our ascent to Kheerganga is the Rudra Nag Waterfall. The water in the waterfall is cool and crystal clear and you can recharge your water bottles here while enjoying hot food in the nearby café. Sometimes you also meet shepherds who weed their sheep’s flock in the vicinity. This trip to Kheerganga is a world-famous experience thanks to the picturesque scenes. The way goes steeper as we cross the waterfall, but the blue and yellow huts that mark the final milestone of the trek begin to be seen. You mean Kheerganga isn’t far away!

You can head straight to the parvati kund on your way to Kheerganga or in the winter the natural hot water springs. Looking around, Kheerganga is filled with small cafés that serve hot meals and drinks. These are mostly open-air cafés, all of which are closed to the public during the evening!

Overnight in camps in Kheerganga, you are to stay. Enjoy the campfire, tents and sleeping bags during this adventure as never before. The cherry at the top is the music session to be held on the campsite. Plan your trip to Kheerganga during your next holidays and make your holidays exceptional!

You must meet us at the magnificent hill station Barshaini for that adventurous Kheerganga Trek. You can take a bus or rent a cab from there to reach Barshaini from Kasol. From Delhi, you can also take an overnight bus to Bhuntar, and from Bhuntar take an additional bus to Barshaini. Busses travel frequently from Bhuntar to Barshaini and the distance can be covered for about 2-3 hours. It may also be an option to fly from Delhi to Bhuntar Airport.

Quick inside tips from us:

In Kheerganga, you can preserve your stocks of healthy drinking water in the natural springs of a place called Ashram, instead of buying bottled water. At different stops along the way, like in the waterfall, you can also fill your bottles.

If you’re a novice, it’s a good idea to be confident for the walk and practice sometime in advance. Doing yoga is also a good idea to make your lungs healthy enough high.

Kheerganga Trek at an altitude of relatively less than 2950 m is relatively less likely to experience acute mountain sickness. However, it is always safer to stay safe, and therefore you should stop from Barshaini to Kheerganga in appropriate numbers.

Kheerganga Trekking can take a lot of energy and is an experience that is physically taxing. It is, therefore, better to prepare and prepare food with you, particularly sugar-filled energy supplies. Things such as energy bars, cookies, Chikki, and feather cakes are ideal.

Internet and network access at high altitudes can become extremely unreliable. Before beginning this adventure trip to Kheerganga, it is best to warn worried friends and relatives.


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Day 1

Start your trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga - 12 km trek | Enroute Kheerganga Trek!

# 10 AM - Connect with us in Barshaini. Take stock prior to departure from Barshaini. This is where additional supplies can be purchased if necessary. # The 12 km long trek to Kheerganga will start from here. This trek is planned for 5-6 hours. # The start of the walk is a gentle incline and the trail is lined with lovely apple trees. The trek continues to grow huge Deodars and oaks. The rushing Parvati River, which is visible from Barshaini, can be heard close by. # When you enter the camp at Kheerganga, you can relax for a while. # You can immediately leap into Parvati Kund, the spring of warmer water, a highlight of your journey once you've unloaded it. In their direct contrast to the warm water which flows around you, the snow-capped mountains are nearly comical, easy to see from a distance. # You are welcome to get the delicious food cooked for you before you go to your tent at night. after your exhaustion has been washed away from the trek. Lights are on! Lights out!

Day 2

Return trek to Barshaini from Kheerganga - 12 km long trek

# 7:00 am — Wake up to the serenity of the mount and the slight chill of altitude in the air. # You will begin your walk back to Barshaini in the Parvati Valley after your breakfast. Make sure you visit this quaint small town this time. # You'll reach the cities of Nathan and Rudra Nag on the way back from Kheerganga. These charming towns are suitable for pit breaks along the road and if you need more supplies. # That's the end of this tour. Then, you can go sightseeing and share in town for souvenirs in close proximity to places like the village Tosh. You can also immediately start for Kasol or visit the river Tosh!
  • All relevant licenses and Kheerganga Trekking permits.

  • Waterproof tent for the camping experience at Kheerganga.

  • Trekking expertise and guidance.

  • Music Session and a cosy campfire at Kheerganga

  • Exploration of the splendid Parvati Valley
  • Transportation from Delhi to Kasol in AC Semi Sleeper Bus and internal transfers in Kasol is included in Variant, “Delhi to Delhi”

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