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About Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga Trek is one of the most well-known trekking sites in Himachal Pradesh at an altitude of approximately 2950 meters. kheerganga stay has many memorable trekking experiences in the Parvati Valley! The history of Kheerganga dates back thousands of years when it was the residence of Lord Shiva. The Kheerganga temperature varies throughout the seasons! In the winter, the weather can get very cold with snow covering the landscape in sparkling snow. During the summer, i.e. late in May or early June, the temperature can rise to 45 degrees. However, winter temperatures hit badly and there is frequent snowfall. The trekker may opt for the hike at any time of the year according to his preference, and for all months, whether it be in December or in May, this is an attractive prospect at any time of the year. It’s a short, easy walk that can take even beginners. The distance of the Kheerganga trek is 26 km. Although the distance is relatively sharper in some areas, the terrain remains a gentle slope or decline. In 1-2 days, it can be easily covered.

The natural paradise is Kheerganga, the beauty of the place is magnificent. tosh  Trek is a great option to enhance your soul and mind, the place smells like marijuana, perfectly suited for your trip; Malana is another adventurous trekking destination that will blow your mind with its characteristic beauty; it is 21 km from Kasol. It has a beautiful view of the valley, and there are many places in the vicinity. Pin Parvati Pass is the adventurous 110km long trail that is perfect for adventurers, Sar Pass, Manikarn Gurdwara and Rasol are all near Kheerganga trek.

This journey to Himachal Pradesh attracts people from all over the country with its promise of hot springs and its splendid views of the Himalayas and Parvati Valleys. It is a pocket friendly journey and the Barshaini base is located at an altitude of 1189 m just 3 hours by car from Manali. There are three possible routes to reach Kheerganga from Barshaini. The route taken from Kheerganga is different from the one that was taken to the area for the full experience. The hike begins at Barshaini and goes to Kheerganga, on a dam built on the Parvati river, where you will camp in tents overnight. You come down from there to Barshaini in the direction of Tosh, where tourist activity has recently boomed. In recent years, Tosh has become very well known and this trek offers an excellent chance to visit and explore the picturesque town for souvenirs! From Barshaini to Kheerganga there are a lot of unorthodox roads through the woods. However, these routes should be prevented because they can be hazardous and unreliable. Make your vacation in Kheerganga memorable!

We explore the village of Nakhtan and Rudra Nag along our way to keerganga Trek. The scenic slums are the perfect stops and are perfect for exploring and interacting with local people to get a taste of local culture in Himachal Pradesh. After some time, we arrived at the temple of Rudra Nag. Lord Shiva is the old temple and sees many pilgrims lost in religious fervour every year. Another magnificent landmark we encounter in our ascent to Kheerganga is the Rudra Nag Waterfall. The water in the waterfall is cool and crystal clear and you can recharge your water bottles here while enjoying hot food in the nearby café. Sometimes you also meet shepherds who weed their sheep’s flock in the vicinity. This trip to Kheerganga trek is a world-famous experience thanks to the picturesque scenes. The way goes steeper as we cross the waterfall, but the blue and yellow huts that mark the final milestone of the trek begin to be seen. You mean Kheerganga isn’t far away!

You can head straight to the parvati kund on your way to kheerganga trek package or in the winter the natural hot water springs. Looking around, Kheerganga is filled with small cafés that serve hot meals and drinks. These are mostly open-air cafés, all of which are closed to the public during the evening!

Overnight in camps in Kheerganga, you are to stay. Enjoy the campfire, tents and sleeping bags during this adventure as never before. The cherry at the top is the music session to be held on the campsite. Plan your trip to Kheerganga trek during your next holidays and make your holidays exceptional!

You must meet us at the magnificent hill station Barshaini for that adventurous Kheerganga Trek in winter. You can take a bus or rent a cab from there to reach Barshaini from Kasol. From Delhi, you can also take an overnight bus to Bhuntar, and from Bhuntar take an additional bus to Barshaini. Busses travel frequently from Bhuntar to Barshaini and the distance can be covered for about 2-3 hours. It may also be an option to fly from Delhi to Bhuntar Airport.

From Delhi, Kasol is around 514 km away. There is just one driving course that covers delhi to kheerganga distance, and it is the most brief and quickest. The underneath area gives you nitty gritty data on the best way to get from Delhi to Kasol by Road, Air, or Train.

Quick inside Kheerganga trek tips from us:

In Kheerganga, you can preserve your stocks of healthy drinking water in the natural springs of a place called Ashram, instead of buying bottled water. At different stops along the way, like in the waterfall, you can also fill your bottles.

If you’re a novice, it’s a good idea to be confident for the walk and practice sometime in advance. Doing yoga is also a good idea to make your lungs healthy enough high.

Kheerganga Trek at an altitude of relatively less than 2950 m is relatively less likely to experience acute mountain sickness. However, it is always safer to stay safe, and therefore you should stop from Barshaini to Kheerganga in appropriate numbers.

Kheerganga Trekking can take a lot of energy and is an experience that is physically taxing. It is, therefore, better to prepare and prepare food with you, particularly sugar-filled energy supplies. Things such as energy bars, cookies, Chikki, and feather cakes are ideal.

Internet and network access at high altitudes can become extremely unreliable. Before beginning this adventure trip to Kheerganga trek , it is best to warn worried friends and relatives.


Looking for a short relaxing and a bit of adventurous destination for spending the weekend can be hard. There are so many options but everything has some or the other problem with it. From being far to being monotonous and sometimes being expensive too, it’s really difficult to find a perfect weekend spot for yourself for the weekend. Well, if not perfect but there’s one of the best weekend getaways nestled in the Parvati Valley, in the laps of Himalayas. Kheerganga is the place, located in the beautiful Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh and at a height of round about 3000m above sea level. 

Kheerganga trek is one of the most famous and sought after weekend getaways from Delhi as it offers all the ingredients that you need to have and you expect from a perfect and ideal destination to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the monotonous and hectic life of the metro cities. It’s a paradise for those who are looking for adventurous activities and laid back trips on the same stretch. The Kheerganga trek offers various disciples in the category of adventure sports and that too on a low key, that is anyone with little or no prior experience in these adventure activities can take up and enjoy the activities to the fullest. The best and most famous attraction on this trek is the natural hot water spring at the end of this trek which opens up to a sumptuous view of the valley. 

Kheerganga trek is a small trek with gentle terrain difficulties on the way up. 

The base village for this trek is known as Barshaini. The total distance that you need to cover from base to base is around 26km with gentle incline and decline on the trail. It does get a bit steeper in some sections but the majority of the path is easy to move on and does not require any prior experience in the field of trekking to traverse. It comes in a category of easy trek as you’ll be covering 26kms in the span of two days with relatively very easy track to work with. Anyone with a bit of good fitness can take up this trek easily and start his journey of trekking the Himalayas. The kheerganga trek remains open throughout the year and one can do this anytime you are comfortable doing it. The best season to do it is considered to be the chilly months of winter season from December to February. During this time, the region experiences heavy snowfall and the temperatures hit the rock bottom range of around minus 10-12°C. This might look harsh and unbearable for some but on the other hand it is the best time to experience the thrill and calmness of natural hot springs which this trek offers. The landscape is covered with a blanket of white snow with the view of Parvati Valley which will surely leave you spell bound. The one’s looking for a short and sweet but easy snow experience for the first time, kheerganga Trek is just tailor-made for them. On the other hand, during the summer months of late May or early June the heat hits the roof with temperature rising up to 45°C. Overall in the end it’s your call that what do you want and what you expect from this trek. Plan accordingly and choose the best time to experience this beautiful weekend getaway. 

Attractions In Kheerganga

The best part of Kheerganga Trek is that it has so many other places to go to nearby. Places like Tosh, which have gained a huge amount of attention from travellers around the globe for it’s laid back lifestyle, cafes and quiet village experience, are popular tourist destinations around Kheerganga Trek. Other attractions like Nakthan village, Rudra Nag village, ancient Lord Shiva temple of Rudra Nag, Rudra Nag waterfall and Parvati Kund are the spots you should explore while on kheerganga Trek. It’s just a perfect blend of laid back weekend trip with a pinch of adventure and trekking added to it. Open air cafes, hot water springs, snow covered landscape gives it the laid back feel while trekking in snow, camping in tents and traversing through the forests gives it that punch of adventure. If you want to get some fresh air and some space where you can feel free, Kheerganga Trek is the place you should turn to and you won’t regret the decision of going there.



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Day-1 Start your trek from Barshaini to Kheerganga – 12 km trek | Enroute Kheerganga Trek!

# 10 AM – Connect with us in Barshaini. Take stock prior to departure from Barshaini. This is where additional supplies can be purchased if necessary.

# The 12 km long trek to Kheerganga will start from here. This trek is planned for 5-6 hours.

# The start of the walk is a gentle incline and the trail is lined with lovely apple trees. The trek continues to grow huge Deodars and oaks. The rushing Parvati River, which is visible from Barshaini, can be heard close by.

# When you enter the camp at Kheerganga, you can relax for a while.

# You can immediately leap into Parvati Kund, the spring of warmer water, a highlight of your journey once you’ve unloaded it. In their direct contrast to the warm water which flows around you, the snow-capped mountains are nearly comical, easy to see from a distance.

# You are welcome to get the delicious food cooked for you before you go to your tent at night. after your exhaustion has been washed away from the trek. Lights are on! Lights out!

Day-2 Return trek to Barshaini from Kheerganga – 12 km long trek

# 7:00 am — Wake up to the serenity of the mount and the slight chill of altitude in the air.

# You will begin your walk back to Barshaini in the Parvati Valley after your breakfast. Make sure you visit this quaint small town this time.

# You’ll reach the cities of Nathan and Rudra Nag on the way back from Kheerganga. These charming towns are suitable for pit breaks along the road and if you need more supplies.

# That’s the end of this tour. Then, you can go sightseeing and share in town for souvenirs in close proximity to places like the village Tosh. You can also immediately start for Kasol or visit the river Tosh!


Stay type

#Stay in camps on a multiple sharing basis.

#You will be camping overnight at Kheerganga in tents.

#We will be providing you with sleeping bags and waterproof tents. Enjoy camping under the stars!


#We will be providing dinner on the first day;

#Breakfast on the second day will also be provided by us.

#All meals provided will be vegetarian, healthy and consist of Indian cuisine to assist in your trek!


#This 2-day Kheerganga trek is jam-packed with activities we have planned for you

#You will experience a trek of about 24 km

#Camping for the night at Kheerganga

#Bathing in the hot water spring or Parvati Kund

#You will also be able to view apple orchards, which Himachal Pradesh is famous for!

Things to carry

#Warm, comfortable shoes and clothes – especially since Kheerganga can get pretty cold even during the summers. Preferably trekking shoes and clothes.

#Backpack or haversack

#A change of clothes

#Medical kit

#ID Proof

#Sunscreen, cap

#Windcheater/ Raincoat

#Flashlight with extra batteries

#Water bottle

#Any necessary toiletries

#Carry reusable plastic bags with you


#All relevant licenses and Kheerganga Trekking permits.

#Waterproof tent for the camping experience at Kheerganga.

#Trekking expertise and guidance.

#Music Session and a cozy campfire at Kheerganga

#Exploration of the splendid Parvati Valley

#Transportation from Delhi to Kasol in AC Semi Sleeper Bus and internal transfers in Kasol is included in Variant, “Delhi to Delhi”


  1. Is it difficult to walk Kheerganga?

Kheerganga Trek’s difficulty level is basic. Many trekkers have an incredible experience here for the first time. It is a smooth journey for any kind of traveler at a height of 13,000 meters above sea level. Since the place is surrounded by untouched nature and spectacular views, the entire trail is hardly lost.

  1. Where is Kheerganga’s best time to visit?

Adventure enthusiasts, who want to explore the Himalayans, can at least once in life immerse themselves in the Kheerganga trekking.

This place can be reached anytime in a year. However, in the months of April to May and again in September and November, this trendy location has its highest elegance.

Please avoid the mountain season if you are considering trekking and camping in Kheerganga. The area is not ideal for walking or other exciting activities because of heavy rainfall. In general, the place can be crossed at any time, with an enjoyable environment and picturesque views.

  1. The Kheerganga Trek how long is it?

The Kheerganga Trek is 10 km away in total. The trekking trail begins at camp Bharsaini and basically goes for 5-6 hours. On the ride, you can see thick leaflets and icy rivers that will certainly give you a fascinating sensation.

  1. How far from Kasol’s Kheerganga?

Kasol is 22 – 23 km away from Kheerganga. Kasol is the place to meet unbelievable treks. You will be filled with several buses and personal cars once you reach Kasol, and you will be driven to Bharsaini. Kasol is 16 kilometers away. The village of Kalga or the Nathan village can be reached by way of Kheerganga from Bharsaini. Trekking and climbing are important both routes.

  1. How does the Kheerganga trek start and end?

Bharsaini is the point of departure and end of the Kheerganga Trek. The hiking begins here and you can thoroughly check before beginning the journey. Likewise, on Day 2, you need to reach Bharsaini safely after your breakfast. From here you can go to Kasol with local cabins and other facilities.

  1. What are the remaining kit inclusions?

Camping, walking and trekking are certainly enticing includes in the kit. A tour guide, food and accommodation are also available. The tour guide is highly trained and professional people who accompany you.

He’s sure to make it quick and safe to walk. A delicious dinner is provided for you here. Before checking out the camp, a good breakfast. Much of the time you stay in tents when it comes to lodging. When the weather is poor, you will be transferred to a secure dormitory.

  1. Does Delhi offer pick-up and drop facilities?

Since the Kheerganga-Delhi route is not direct, no pick-up or drop facility from Delhi is available. You first have to fly by train or bus to Kasol. Then you will be taken from Kasol by plenty of local vehicles to Bhaisaini.

  1. Is this hike secure for solo travelers and women?

The trekking route is absolutely secure during the trip for lone travelers and female travelers. We had several solos and women to join us on many other treks before. There are quarters for men and women only for lodging (on request). Though the protection of travelers is our primary concern, this place for trekking is no exception.

  1. In December, should we hike Kheerganga?

Yeah, in December we walk through Kheerganga because all the roads are overgrown with snow and you will be loved by the views. At this time the temperature varies from mild 3° C to 14° C with spine-chilling breezes. If you love snow, then this month you should go to Kheerganga.

  1. Is it difficult to walk around Kheerganga?

Completely No, absolutely No! Kheerganga is your right option if you’re a novice and are looking for a place to go treks first. The first stage of the trek is really simple and you don’t have to plan for it. However, there are few paths, which are a bit difficult but at the same time feasible.

  1. Is the trek in Kheerganga open?

Yeah, the trek is all year round and never closed. The trek is open. In the monsoons, it is best to avoid the trek because of the rain and the roads are very slippery, and there are opportunities for terrain slides.

  1. What is the Kheerganga trek’s temperature?

Kheerganga trek temperature varies with the seasons in the winter months from 3°C to 15°C and in the summers from 15°C to 30°C. Besides this, the temperature in monsoons is between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius.

  1. How far from Kasol’s Kheerganga?

It is approximately 22 km from Kasol and Kheerganga, which is easy to reach. To get to Kasol you must take a local bus to Barshaini from Bhuntar, the base of the Kheerganga Trek. You’ll have to hike from here to Kasol for approximately 4-5 hours.

  1. Is trekking Kheerganga prohibited?

No, nobody forbids the Kheerganga trek. Although the trek has been up and down, the trek is open for all visitors from all parts of the world for the time being.

  1. Is the Kheerganga trek acceptable for beginners?

Yes, for both beginners and expert trekkers, the Kheerganga trek is the alternative. The first steps are simple and it is not necessary to plan for them, but little tricks are required for the final ascension.

  1. Campsite is permitted in Kheerganga?

Yes, camping in Kheerganga is permitted and the best thing about camping there is a range of campsites. You should choose the campsite that suits your requirements for yourself. What is more, the combination of the star-filled sky at night and new bright sunlight during the day is what you are doing with camping here.

  1. The Kheerganga Trek how long is it?

The Kheerganga Trekking Tour has a total trek of approximately 12 km and it takes you 3 hours from Barshaini. You can launch your trip to Kheerganga in up to 5 hours, no matter if you are an experienced trekker or a novice.

  1. Should we be in Kheerganga?

Yes! Yes! Yes! The tranquility of the surrounding peaks and valleys will allow you to stay and camp for the night. In Kheerganga you can book a tent with your trek Kheerganga.

Depending on your pace, the Kheerganga trek will take approximately 5-7 hours uphill. After the trek, there is a peaceful place in Himachal Pradesh where you can spend one night.

  1. What’s known about Kheerganga?

It is famous for the beautiful location in the Himachal Pradesh, the Sylvan Hills’ Parvati Valley and the Rudra Nag Waterfall.

It is said that the elevation of Lord Shiva in Kheerganga is 3500 meters. One of the excellent trekking experiences in the lap of nature is the Kheerranga trek.

  1. Should we drive to Kheerganga?

Yeah, you can ride by car or by bike before you need to walk from Barshaini to Kheerganga which is 13 km away. Kheerganga is also a peaceful and beautiful trek, which in contrast to Triund is a bit difficult.

The Kheerganga trek has a height of around 13,050 feet and is one of the most astonishing treks you can make, while the route takes you through many hot sulfur sources. Enjoy nature and beauty, since the entire trek has many tiny cascades.


8 reviews for Kheerganga Trek with Camping 2022, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, India

  1. Pradeep sharma

    The ride was a bit moderate, but steep trails were fun to climb. During the whole tour, the guide was really helpful to us. The towns of Rudra Nag were so charming and friendly. We have been talking with them and looking at the village for a good moment. The temple of Rudra Nag was worth a visit. Overall, we had a lot of fun walking to Kheerganga Trek.

  2. Saket Sharma

    Went for kheeerganga trek with jannattrips on 20th june this was the perfect trip and the great management by jannattrips they made my kheerganga trek perfect the stay, meals, Guide is perfect thanks jannattrips

  3. Aditya Choudhary

    Fantastic service. Very reasonable and honest. The pricing is very good compared to others. My family have booked kheerganga trek trip it’s just amazing. I’ve known him they provide best service Recommended

  4. Kanika Jain

    The trek guides are all highly knowledgeable, encouraging, and motivating. All credit for the trek’s success goes to the staff. The cuisine was also fantastic. Beautiful experience; highly suggest them for any journey, long or short.

  5. Deepika Sharma

    In terms of the camps, food, etc., the trip was carefully organised and arranged. The tour guides were extremely kind and informative.
    Bravo to all parties involved.

  6. Mayanshi Sharma

    It was a great experience for me the trek guide & support team is perfect the food is good. The weather is also pleasant on my trip & enjoyable.

  7. Juhi Sharma

    I’m happy to tell that my trip to kheerganga trek was wonderful and unforgettable. I saved all the effort of attempting to organise everything myself. We are all grateful to Jannattrips for making this possible!

  8. Sameera Singhi

    I booked the kheerganga trip via Jannattrips; their service was excellent, and all arrangements were perfect. I had a wonderful time and travelled in ease. I want to go with you again on another vacation soon.

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