Nag Tibba Trek with Camping 2022, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

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The Nag tibba trek package available in two variants-

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( Pantwari to Pantwari – 1999+ 5% GST )

About the Nag Tibba Trek:

The Nag tibba trek is a must for all trek lovers, especially those who plan to visit Mussoorie and Dehradun. The Nag tibba Peak at 9.910 ft is the highest peak of the Garhwal Himalayas Nag Tibba range and offers many things for visitors. It’s one of Mussoorie’s most exciting places, just a 3-hour drive away! The Nag tibba Trek is regarded as one of Uttarakhand’s best treks, especially for beginners!

The high altitude of the trek makes the weather pleasant all year round. During the nights of December, the nag tibba temperature ranges from 6 degrees to 25 degrees during summer days. You will start crossing snowy patches just before the base camp if you decide to take the Nag Tibba Trek in the summer. But on the second day, you’re going to get the real deal closer to the Tibba Top. The Nag tibba trek challenges the myth: the longer and harder the trek, the better the view and the more the experience is memorable. On one side, the view of Spiti and Bandarpoonch is sufficient to make you truly believe that heaven exists!

The trek to Nag Tibba can be carried on two possible routes.

The first is in the village of Auntar and the second via the village of Patwari. At Nag Mandir both of these routes meet and converge. You will walk around the village of Patwari. This trail begins on a gentle path, steeper and steeper and takes you into the picturesque village of Goat. This charming hamlet is an ideal pit stop, and before continuing your climb you can fill your water bottles here. The old temple offers astonishing views of green wetlands and deep valleys.

There are the gorgeous wildflowers among the powerful Deodars that add colour to the scene. The total nag tibba trek distance is 25 kilometres, which is reasonable for the first time and is a short hike that makes it ideal for start-ups. The height of this guided hike, however, is rather higher on the second day and maybe steep in part.

Therefore, the Kareri Lake Trek is a simple trek, with moderate difficulty in some parts of the walk gradient. To take advantage of this walking experience, the way from the base camp up to the top of Nag Tibba is different from the way down. You will therefore have the opportunity to take new views over the same distance! Enjoy the Nag tibba trek during your next vacation – one of India’s best trekking experiences. The nag tibba height is 9,916 ft .

You will stay at the base camp at Nag tibba overnight in a tent. Himalayan adventure trekking will take you to happiness! Enjoy the Nag tibba during your next vacation – one of India’s best trekking experiences.

Join us in Dehradun for the Mussoorie adventure trek! Dehradun is a growing tourist destination at an altitude of 447 m and is well-connected with all the major cities such as Delhi in its immediate area. Dehradun can be reached by car, air or train from Delhi. You can fly directly from Delhi to Dehradun at Jolly Grant Airport. It’s also possible to travel directly by bus or train to Delhi from Dehradun. Road trips are also a tempting option since Dehradun is a 6-hour drive from Delhi. Given the picturesque start to the adventurous Nag Tibba Trek by its wandering, scenic roads, the distance between Delhi to Nag tibba trek can easily be crossed within 9 hours by car.

Beginning holidays in Northern India have limited opportunities for the Himalayas in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, but there’s still plenty of winter treks closed. However, not the Nag tibba trek! In summer, April to June or in winter, from October to December, the most favourable time is for the trek to Nag tibba. The best way to avoid walking in the moonsoon is to avoid the event, in particular without a specialist guide because the rainfall can water your experience and make the way slippery and dangerous. Make sure you click with your co-travellers a lot of photos, as you will form an unforgettable relation with them throughout the trip.

Special tips for beginners for Nag tibba Trek:

It is always better to plan for the first time if you’re a first time and start exercising at least two weeks before preparing for the trek. As you climb to the summit of the Nag tibba, which has an altitude of 3022 m, yoga is also a viable choice to strengthen your lungs. It’s best if you could make sure for the duration of your workout you follow a healthy diet chart and take all your foods regularly.

The Nag tibba trek in Uttarakhand is an ideal weekends trip from Delhi, in particular, because it is only a two-day adventure of one night.

The Nag tibba trek is the ideal winter trek, the elevation on the top providing the right amount of snow for a trek! This walk is possible during the winter season when most of the other treks in the Himalayas are closed.

Try to make sure you have the opportunity to sunset and the sunrise in the glory of the Himalayans. They’ll give you peace of mind and sing your soul. It’s best to consider and prepare an additional pair of clothes while planning a trek in the snow. Make sure your clothes are suitable for snow and that you wear sufficient pants and woollens.

For the first-time trekkers, the Nag tibba trek is especially excellent since the first questions are answered by all beginners. The village of Patwari is just a one-hour walk from Nag Mandir and is well equipped to address all types of basic medical facilities to solve trekking problems.

Although the chances of receiving Acute Mountain Sickness during the Nag tibba trek are lower due to their elevation, make sure they are heated by taking appropriate breaks – especially during their trek from Nag tibba Base Camp to Tibba Top! It is also important to ensure that you eat enough nutritious food in order to prevent the onset of the disease during the trek.

The Nag tibba package would be great for you if you are a solo traveller looking for a backpacking adventure! The engaging weekend getaway will give you peace of mind and ensure your safety away from the noise of the city.

5 Reasons To Do Nag Tibba Trek

Wandering through lush green trails, moving up the mountains, and getting the satisfaction of reaching the desired destination is the beauty of trekking. Trekking is the best example of enjoying the journey rather than the destination. Nag tibba trek is one of the best treks you will experience in India. Nag tibba means serpent’s peak. It is the highest peak in the Garhwal region of lower Himalayas. It is definitely one of the best treks in India. The summit of this trek rests at 9,915ft and is the highest in the Nag Tibba range. You can see snow-capped Himalayan ranges like Swargrohini, Bandarpooch, Kala Nag, Gangotri, and Srikantha. The Kedarnath peak is especially visible in the north.

This trek is for two days and you will experience a lot of different and vibrant landscapes, dense forests, and meadows. It is an underrated trek trail near Mussoorie which has its advantages and disadvantages as well. Overall, it is perfect for a weekend gateway. This place is also very important in Indian mythology. Snakes or Nagas, are prayed by the people throughout India. Here are the five reasons to do Nag Tibba Trek:

  1. Proximity to Delhi (Capital in India)

Nag tibba trek is close to Delhi and that’s what drives a lot of people to this trek. To have a quick getaway from the busy city life, this trek is the best option. Transportation is not a problem as well. There is an 11:00 pm bus from Delhi to reach Dehradun(dehradun to nag tibba trek) and then catch a cab to reach Pantwari (pantwari to nag tibba trek) by 8:30 am.

  1. Trek timing

Nag tibba trek can easily be completed in two to three days which is a very ideal time preiod for trekking. It is not too long nor too short and gives the perfect trekking experience. You should pack enough water and go for the trek and you are good to go.

  1. Gentle trail and terrain

The trek is moderately hard and good for beginners. There are fewer rough roads and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful views along with trekking. The place gives off a spiritual vibe that calms your soul and gives you peace as well.

  1. Complete package

This trek is the ultimate easy trek as it covers everything. It is a moderately difficult trek that can be completed in 2 to 3 days with mesmerizing views that will stay with you for a lifetime. You get to camp here below the star-studded sky as well.

  1. Extra Benefits

You can complete the trek without much hassle and the place is easily accessible. Beginners can complete this trek easily. It is a good trek to come with friends and families. You can camp comfortably and experience the nature and complete the trek smoothly.

Nag Tibba trek is popular for weekend treks, hiking, Beginners trekking, Camping, Garhwal trekking, and easy trekking. Trekking at Nag Tibba is not that hard. It can be done easily by trekkers who are beginners. Mobile connectivity is low and internet services will be down but you will be able to do Digital detox and connect with nature. Captivating sunsets await you  at Nag Tibba Trek. Experience the mountain culture and food. Fall in love with everything Nag tibia trek has to offer. The people here are very affectionate and friendly. Further, it is an easy-moderate level trek which makes it available to beginners. This trek of two day’s duration is everything you need for that weekend break.

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Day-1 Dehradun to Nag Tibba Base Camp via Patwari Village – 5-6 hours of driving and a 4-5 km trek # 7:00 AM – Meet us at the railway station of Dehradun! We will begin the journey to the village of Patwari. Stop at the center of Kempty Falls and enjoy the beautiful view of Mussoorie. # During this drive, you can find a splendid view of the Doon valley and the sloping greens. Dehradun itself is one of the most majestic hilltops of the world. # Patwari Village arrived at about 12:00 noon after a comfortable stop and a good breakfast stop. Any extra luggage can be downloaded here and a washing area can be visited. Lunch packets will be shipped for later use. The trek to Nag Tibba Base camp begins from here. # In the stunning views awaiting you is the 4-5 kilometer long walk to Nag Tibba. In the beginning, this walk is steep and eventually smooth to a steady slope. While physical exercise is challenging, due to the serenity of the valley and the views, the mind is constantly relaxed. # At about 5 pm, get to the base camp and have a few tea snacks during the glorious sunset. A campfire, after which a hot and delicious meal, will be planned at approximately 7.00 pm. # 9:30 – Lights out! Day-2 Nag Tibba to Dehradun via Patwari Village # 4:30 AM – Wake up! It is important to start the day early, as we must start on the way to Nag Tibba before we go down to Dehradun. # Start your journey to the Nag Tibba peak, at an altitude of about 3.084 ft after a sumptuous breakfast. # 10:00 AM – Take the summit to enjoy the gorgeous view of the Himalayas. The top gives an astonishing view of the Swarga-Rohini, the Poonch Bandar, the Kedarnath, and the Gangotri. # After a glance at the content of your heart, launch your descent to the base camp where you can enjoy a delicious lunch. # Pack your items and launch your descent to Patwari after lunch. After the hike, take the rest of the journey to Dehradun in the village of Patwari. # 8:30 PM – Reach Dehradun bus/railway station.

Stay Type

Your stay is in camps (on a multiple sharing basis). Waterproof tents and sleeping bags are available to you. You can let us be sure that we can arrange quilts for you if you need quilts. (No additional charge)


On the way, 2 lunch, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, and tea, and coffee snacks will be served. Day one, lunch, dinner, and tea/coffee snacks. Day one. We offer breakfast, lunches, and light snacks for the second day. All food is vegetarian, healthy, and nutritious and includes Indian cuisine.


Don’t litter. The trek leader’s decisions are final. Take care of your own luggage, carry minimum weight. Personal baggage carrier services are additionally chargeable and must be booked in advance. It costs Rs. 300 per day (upto 10 kgs – Single bag) A public AC bus is available for transportation from Delhi to Delhi. The only responsibility for the reservation of bus tickets is Jannattrips. Internet and network connectivity after a certain time are bad, please advise worrying family members in advance. You shouldn’t come for this adventure if you suffer from asthma, etc. Mussoorie’s pickup to Nag Tibba Trek depends on the weather. In the event of heavy snowfall, which causes routes to be blocked, it will be taken via Vikas Nagar. Trekking equipment can be rented in Pantwari but subject to available availability. The guide will try to help the purchasing participants. Trekkers are, however, advised to talk to leasing companies themselves. Policy for reschedule: If a participant wants to change their dates, we charge 35 percent of the booking value. Weather depends on the trekking to the summit, a refund is not applicable in case of failure to do so. Fine may be incurred by government or forest officials in case of poor waste management.


  1. What is Nag Tibba’s best time?

It’s February through the middle of June and the middle of September through the end of November as a good time to go on Nag Tibba. This is a quick hike and the perfect break for you over the weekend.

  1. In Nag Tibba Trek, what sim works?

The mobile signals are not on the top. But you can get broken Airtel and Idea signals on the way.

  1. What’s the problem level of Nag Tibba Trek?

Nag Tibba is as easy to moderate as the highest altitude you can reach during this trek is 9,914 meters above sea level with a series of steep parts and gradual terrain. The level is easy to moderate. People with a reasonable fitness level will easily be included in this trek. For beginners, families and children who like to come here for a weekend getaway, Nag Tibba Trek is very common.

  1. What are Nag Tibba Trek activities included?

The Nag Tibba Trek programme, which includes hiking and camping, has two separate activities as the name implies at the front. You will enjoy hiking in the beautiful natural environment of Nag Tibba Summit by taking part in this adventurous tour. You can also enjoy the authentic camping experience and enjoy a bonfire at night. If you fly with friends or family members, the whole experience could be even more interesting and enjoyable.

  1. What kind of accommodation is there during the trek to Nag Tibba?

As you can find no lavish tourist holidays on the trails of Tibba Nag, surrounded by thick forests. But you don’t have to worry, because the tents will come to your rescue. Each tent is extremely sturdy and can thus shield you from the cold winds at the start of this trek.

  1. Is trekking safe for Nag Tibba?

No, Nag Tibba is one of the places in India that, contrary to the common belief, is ideal only for travelers. The entire distance of the trail is about 10 km, making it even harder for the beginners to cope.

  1. What’s the height of Nag Tibba Trek?

The highest trek of the Garhwal Himalayas in the Tibba is at an altitude of 9,915 meters from the ground. Views of many lower peaks can be seen from this peak as the Doon valley, the Kedarkantha peak, etc. While the summit is very high, its views make it worthwhile.

  1. For beginners, is Nag Tibba Trek?

Yes, the Nag Tibba Trek is a great way to start, because the trail is simple and the best Himalayan trips for beginners. This is an approximately 8 km long, small trek and you can choose it without even thinking. If you are a beginner then this is the best choice for you as you can spend time here witnessing the grandeur of the Himalayas and the magnificence of nature.

  1. What kind of shoes should I take to Nag Tibba for a trek?

Don’t wear regular sports shoes, please. Since you need the right traction on the Nag Tibba trek, the Woodland or Forclaz 500 shoes are recommended

  1. What should I bring from my end for NagTibba Trek?

As the temperature during the hike is cold and rain is likely, we suggest that you have woolen cloths, sleeves of the woolen sweater, heat-proof wear, windproof jacket, etc. and a raincoat.

  1. May I go solo trekking to NagTibba?

Nagtibba’s perfect for solo trekking. But you have to train for this like any other trekking idea. As easy as you know about trekking is as easy. You are responsible for your own safety if you go for Nag Tibba Trek alone. That is why it is important to know the heights and heights well. Instead of trekking alone for safety and security purposes, it is often recommended to go on a group excursion to the Himalayas.

  1. What’s the path to Nag Tibba?

Two Nag Tibba Trek tracks are available. The beautiful peak from the village of Devalsari can be tracked, which is about 13 km away, but if you do not want to take this long road, you can also start at the village of Pantwari, with less difficult paths that are only 8 km long.

  1. How much weight do I need to take on a trek Nag Tibba?

The weight of the 6L rucksack depends on your needs and ability. It is recommended that you carry.

  1. What sort of food will the Nag Tibba trek be supplied?? What about clean potable water?

During the trip you can enjoy meals and clean drinking water. Dinner will be eaten on Day 1 and breakfast and lunch on Day 2,

  1. How do I hit Tibba’s Nag?

It’s easy to get to Nag Tibba, since you can take direct flights, trains or buses to Dehradun and rent a local taxi or bus to the town of Pantwari. You can walk to Nag Tibba from there, as it’s just 8 kilometres.

  1. Is Nag Tibba a nice first-minute walk?

Yeah, Nag Tibba Trek is an excellent trip for the first timers because it is not so tough or difficult that your physical ability would be checked any other time, but even you should be able to go around 10 kilometers or so every day. Keep hydrated on the trek and get prepared for acute mountain sickness with medicines to prevent illness after reaching the base camp.

  1. What’s the weather for Nag Tibba?

The trekking season typically begins in March and the area has snow, but the snow will vanish at the end of March and the days will be sunny. There will also be mild temperatures of 20 to 25* Celsius during the day. But the temperature at night will be about 08-13°C. During monsoon, the majority of days will be rained, with comparatively less rain in the top parts. The daytime will be sunny, but the temperature will stay around 14-18 degrees Celsius after monsoon from September till December and in the night it will decrease to around 10°C.

  1. How far from Delhi is Nag Tibba trek?

There are about 355 km away between Delhi and Nag Tibba with good connectivity. You can enter Dehradun by hiring a taxi or bus to the village of Pantwari. Nag Tibba is only 8 km from this point.

  1. How to get to Dehradun’s Nag Tibba?

First, Dehradun railway station or Bus station must be reached. You need to get to the first point from there, namely the village of Pantwari. It takes 4 hours uphill from Dehradun train or bus station. This village is situated at 4640 feet. Nag Tibba Trekking starts as soon as the motorway finishes. It’s a 3-4 hour walk from the village of Pantwari to the campsite i.e. Camp 1 for the night. You will need to start early next day from the campground to take 4-5 hour trekking time in Nag Tibba to get to Nag Tibba.

  1. In December, can I take the Nag Tibba trek?

Yeah, in December you should go for NagTibba. In December with the start of winter, the beauty of the Nag Tibba tour increases. The peaks are covered with snow and the trail is a little challenging. The temperature bar is also very chilling between 7 and -7 degrees and you should not forget to wear woolen clothing.  

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  1. vani sharma

    This is such a beautiful place. Take a long hike, enjoy the air, the silence and the cold water from the mountains. Jannattrips is too good in there work and i am very happy with there service.

  2. Arun Saini

    An incredible experience all around. The whole trip was enjoyable and unforgettable. The entire journey was well organised.
    Had a terrific day getting to know all these fascinating individuals and taking in the breathtaking view from the summit.

  3. Hemant Sainger

    They provided excellent services and responded effectively with unforeseen issues. extremely personable, supportive, and always available. Without a doubt, I advise using Jannattrips to arrange your future travel. We appreciate how easy the vacation was for us because of you!

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