Sandakphu Trek 2020, Darjiling, West Bengal, India

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This trek leads to sandakphu trek, West Bengal’s highest peak at a height of 11,926 ft. This Sandakphu Ridge travels on Singalila Ridge. The alpine vegetation, such as the ever-present rhododendrons, luxuriant fir trees, birch trees, and even bamboo are home to it. On the winter nights, the temperature in sandakphu trek ranges from -11°C to -22°C in the summer! Season-to-season weather varies. Because of the high altitude, summers remain pleasant and cool, while winters can get very cold. In June, Monsoons come to the region of Sandakphu. Spring, however, is full of wonderful, rare alpine flora! This is therefore seen as one of India’s best treks!

Chitrey, a small hamlet in the Himalayas, is the base camp for the trek. You are crossing the border between India and Nepal throughout the journey. This trek is most rewarding in terms of its brilliant views, from the continuous view of the powerful Himalayas to the glorious views of Sunrise and Sunset. You take even a trail through the famous national park of Singalila. 

You will stay in tourist lodges or private lodges for the duration of your trek. The warmth of homestays at the various stations along the trail can also be enjoyed.

The tour begins at the railway station New Jalpaiguri. You can take a direct train from New Delhi to get to New Jalpaiguri, whose fastest route takes about 21 hours. You can also fly to the nearest airport, Bagdogra Airport. We suggest that you fly from Delhi to Kolkata and take the New Jalpaiguri overnight train.


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Day 1: Drive new Jalpaiguri to the base camp at chitrey 90 km 

#Meet us at the train station in New Jalpaiguri at 10 am. You may also adjust your pickup point according to your convenience to Siliguri or Bagdodra.

#We’re going to start our Chitrey drive from here. It takes approximately 5-6 hours with sufficient pit stops along the way.

#The stunning views journey leads you along the eastern Himalayas foothills and beautiful alpine forests. As you get up to the top gradually, you pass through lovely hill stations such as Maneybhanjung and Mirik.

#After you reach the lodge or the home, you can drop off your luggage, stay in the lodge or sleep for the night, before going to Chitrey.

See the Chitrey and Buddhist Stupa monastery here. You will see Darjeelings nestled in the mountains as you go up the top of the hill for the sunset.

#You can head back to the lodge/homeplace after a glorious sunset to withdraw for the night.

Day 2: Trek from chitrey to Tumling 9km

#We begin at an altitude of 2900 metres in the early morning to reach Tumling, a windy city. After breakfast, we go out.

#The trek is a soft climb all over. The path is marked clearly and starts on a motorway. This day you’ll glimpse the powerful Kanchenjunga peak for your first time.

#The spectacle is unparalleled as you walk around the forests of rhododendrons.

You will come across several border security forces camps, where you will have to show your ID certificate because we’re going to trek along India-Nepal border.

#You will take the turn to gradually start your descent to Tumling after crossing the picturesque Monastery of Meghma.

#We will ensure we get to the city on the beautiful Singalila Ridge before the sun sets and the panoramic view is stunning.

#You can retire for the night after dinner to your lodge.

Day 3: Trek From tumling to Kalapokhri | 12km

#Wake up to enjoy the colours of the beautiful sky. We start our tour to Kalapokhri after breakfast. The trek lasts approximately 6-7 hours.

#We start with a gradual rise and go into the beautiful surrounding coniferous forests. After receiving the required permits we will first head directly to the Singalila National Park.

#We are going from here to the village of Jaubari in Nepal where, afterwards, we are going down to Gairibas, the Indian settlement. This way, we will cross over from India to Nepal throughout the day.

#After lunch at Kaiyakata, we’re going to trek through a dense birch and rhododendron trees forest, where we reach Kalapokhri, 3100 m high.

#At Kalapokhri, before checking to your lodge for the night, you can enjoy a hot and delicious dinner.

Day 4: Trek from Kalapokhri and Sandakphu | 6 km

#We begin our trek to Sandakphu early in the morning. The trek will last approximately 3-4 hours.

#This trek may be short, but rather steep. We’re going to walk through coniferous forests and towering fir and birch trees.

#We pass one ridge after another afterwards and finally reach the Ridge of Sandakphu. This is the highest point on the nearby ridges at 11900 ft, and so you get a spectacular view of the mighty Himalayas from here. Before you check-in at a lodge, bask in their glory for a while.

#After you have dropped your luggage off the lodge, we go on a walk on the Phalut road once again to get our fair share of Sandakphu’s bright sunset view. The Kanchenjunga has an imposing presence and is up straight ahead.

#You can then go back for the night to the lodge.

Day 5: Trek From Sandakphu to Timburey | 12km

#Enjoy the Sandakphu sunrise, as unforgettable as the sunset. The Everest can be seen, together with several other Himalayas such as Makalu, Lhotse, Nuptse and the Three Sisters!

#We will begin our trek after breakfast, which takes approximately 8 hours to finish. Most of the trek will be a moderate decrease.

#At the beginning, you will pass through dense coniferous forests that progressively become bamboo along the way. In the picturesque town of Gurdum, full of farmland, we will stop for lunch.

#We will continue to Timburey, where we will stay for the night in a lodge/homestay.

Day 6: Trek from Timburey to Sirkhola, and drive on to new Jalpaiguri | 150 km

#Get off to Sirkhola early on on the tour. We’ll start the trek after breakfast, which takes about an hour and a half.

#The hike continues from the day before. Your trail runs next to the Srikhola River in Nepal. You will cross the suspension bridge after a while to reach the Rimbick motorway.

#We are going to return to New Jalpaiguri from here. This is the end of your trip with us!

Stay Type

You stay in tourist/private lodges and you have the possibility to enjoy beautiful homestays with the locals.


We’ll cover lunch, snacks and dinner the first day.

For the rest of your journey, we will offer you full meal cycles. Breakfast included, lunch, dinner and tea and coffee snacks.

We’ll cover your breakfast on the sixth day.

All of the food that we offer is healthy and nutritious. It is made up of Indian cuisine.


Minimum carry weight

Don’t wail.

Don’t wander yourself.

It is not permitted to use alcohol or smoking.

The trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.

Weather conditions may cause delays

It is recommended not to go for this expedition for anyone suffering from health conditions such as asthma etc. But it’s at your own risk if you so decide.

Don’t wear thermals while hiking regardless of how cold it is.

Grab your own baggage, please.

If you choose a house, respect the hosts and communicate with them!


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