Har Ki Dun Trek with Camping 2022, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

6 Nights 7 Days
Tour Type:
Group size:
15- 20 People



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This package has 2 variants:-

1. Sankri to Sankri: Rs 7899+5%GST per person

2. Dehradun to Dehradun: Rs 9499+5%GST per person

Available Departures:-

Mar: 12, 19, 26

Apr: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

May: 7, 14, 21, 28

The Har Ki Dun valley is also known as the Valley of the Gods and the Hanging Valley, located on a height of 3,558 m in the Himalayan Mountains. A word about the exciting beauty of Uttarakhand spreads wide and wide and makes this tour worldwide popular. Har ki dun trek is one of the best trekking spots in India or The Har Ki Doon Trek.

This Har Ki Doon Trek is approximately 47 km away. The ground is largely steadily sloping or decreasing. During the day there is a maximum of 26 km of the trail! The trek is therefore considered a moderate challenge. At Sankri, at 11,675 ft., will be the base camp for this trek. You spend your days crossing forests full of mystic Alpine flora and thrilling mountain fauna and mountainsides, basking in all Himalayan glory, during this adventure. Himalayan hikers can take part in a thrilling and exhilarating adventure at Har Ki Doon trek! Make sure you use your next vacation to satisfy your hiking pleasure!

Jannattrips can take part in a thrilling and exhilarating adventure at Har Ki Doon Valley! Make sure you use your next vacation to satisfy your hiking pleasure!

At Sankri, we will leave you with choices, whether you want to stay in a guesthouse or live in a home. Other nights you will experience camping under the stars, sharing a tent, and dressing in your sleeping bags! In those evenings, you will sit down and talk deep into the night around a campfire. The Har Ki Dun is one of the best treks to go for if you want to walk the Himalayas. Har ki Dun Trek has a magnificent view of the powerful Himalayan peaks, such as Swargarohini I, II, and III, Bandarpooch, and Black peaks.

The characters from Mahabharata influence the valley of Har ki Dun greatly is another interesting fact about the valley. Pandavas is thought to have taken this path and Swargarohini Parvat has been going to heaven. There is a temple dedicated to Duryodhana in the village of Osla. The highlights of this temple are the wooden sculptures and the unique architecture that captures the attention of everyone in one view. Get the opportunity to revive history by hearing the villagers’ mysterious stories. Har ki Dun trek, which lies in the heart of the Govind Ballabh National Park, is truly a paradise for bird watchers and animals.

With a wide variety of flora & fauna, also see birds like Himalayan monal, rosefinch, redstart, bearded vulture, and animals like musk deer, brown bear, koalas, snow leopard, and many more. In the Har Ki Dun valley, many medicinal plants are found such as Guchi, Nagchitra, etc. The valley is also visible to the Bhojpatra tree and Brahmakamal. 

This adventure trekking tour offers a choice of travelling from Dehradun to Sankri at the cost of the trek. The journey begins in Dehradun, Uttarakhand in this case. The nearest train station – Dehradun junction, which is connected well with every major city in northern India, especially New Delhi – allows you to reach Dehradun. Jolly Grant Airport provides service to Dehradun from Delhi & Mumbai on regular flights from Germany. Also from and to Dehradun, there are regular bus services. Alternatively from Dehradun, you can rent a private cab or take an overnight bus to Sankri. The Har Ki Dun Trek is one of Dehradun’s best treks!

Quick insider tips:

# Don’t forget to pack your Moutain Sickness medicine! Prevention is however better than cure, so we advise all hikers, simply acclimatizing better, to avoid the onset of the disease. Take sufficient breaks as you go up to pass Har Ki Dun trek!

# Because this is a wilderness foray, proper trekking equipment, and hiking equipment must be provided to you. Make sure you get the best trekking shoes, hiking backpack, trekking pole, snow-guide and any other equipment you need!

# You will cover long distances on a stretch on this excursion in the har ki dun trek. It is therefore advisable to bring with you enough energy, high sugar content. Candies keep your throat dry, energy bars, and chikki keep you going!

# Make sure you are fit for the trip – that means receiving a fitness certificate from a doctor at least two months before the trip, following a workout routine! Make sure you also have a healthy diet chart and eat healthy, regular food!

# The Har Ki Dun takes part in one of India’s heaviest trekking courses, so you should plan ahead and maintain an extra one or two days of vacation, as unforeseeable weather conditions can sometimes lead to time delays!

# During the Har Ki Dun trek, the Internet and network connectivity will become extremely unreliable. By the time you even reach the base camp in Sankri it is almost nonexistent. It is therefore best to prepare for these situations and to inform close friends and family of your plans to travel to Uttarakhand in advance.

It’s an easy trail without much hassle. The trail from Rain Basera to Ruinsara takes you to the Ruinsara lake. It is a beautiful Alpine lake covered with snow patches. The Devsu thatch is to look forward to.  The large clearing is mesmerizing and takes a while to complete. 

Best time to trek.

It can be done throughout eight months in a year.

From March, you can trek till summer ends then it closes for Monsoon.

It reopens in September and continues till mid-January and closes due to heavy snowing after that.


Facts about Har ki Dun

– The Har Ki Dun –  The Ruinsara Tal which is a 70 km trek can be hiked over a period of 7 days in the Himalayas. 

– The trail in Uttarakhand can take you to some of the purest parts of Govind Pashu Vihar National Park and Sanctuary.

– Sankri acts as  the base camp of the whole trek. It takes 10 hours to travel . Sankri is also acting as a base camp for many treks like Kedarkantha, Phulara Ridge, and Bali Pass

– If you’re a beginner , Har Ki Dun is a good choice. It is good for people who want to trek solo too.


Reasons to love Har ki Dun- Ruinsara


  1. The Taluka to Gangad trek is the most underrated part of the trek. You’ll find yourself trailing aside the Thames river.

You’ll see wooden bridges appearing at places which give a lovely feeling. The forest becomes denser as you approach further into the trail. 

  1. The Kalkatiyadhar meadows

Kalkatiyadhar is an enormous green meadow. It gives a mesmerizing viewpoint. There are a lot of pine trees lining the meadow-like ornaments. It gives you one of those rare opportunities to see mountains, trees, meadows, and rivers all in one frame.

  1. The history of villages

The villages of Har ki Dun have a lot of untold stories and the village elders are more than glad to share them with you.

  1. Devsu Thatch

Devsu Thatch is a lovely and enormous meadow with flowering bushes everywhere. It is the talk of the trek and definitely a huge reason to attract trekkers. The open grounds and the flowers everywhere feel like heaven on Earth.

  1. The valleys of Har ki Dun and Ruinsara tal

Har Ki Dun valley and Ruinsara Tal are the valley sections of the trek.

Har ki Dun trek has big snow-clad mountains with a picturesque river flowing in the middle. The breathtaking view here is worth the trek.

Ruinsara Tal gives the feel of isolation in a good way. You’ll find yourself getting lost in the beauty of the mountains and the lake. The utmost elegance of this place will pull you in every time you think of trekking. This is certainly a trek you’ll remember all your life.

Precautions and Essentials

  • Good trekking shoes are recommended if you want a comfortable experience.
  • Wear light and comfortable clothes. 
  • Alcohol consumption and smoking are not advisable.
  • Carry scarf, bandanas, handkerchief, etc. 
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Complete trekking gear
  • ID proof is a required
  • Take some water and some food along with yourself.
  • Carry a double strap backpack (no sling bag).
  • Carry mosquito repellent and sunscreen. 
  • Carry minimum weight. 
  • Don’t litter. 
  • Stick with the group.
  • Take care of your luggage. 
  • Carry your medicines if any. 
  • Keep the camera and phone carefully at your own risk.

 Har ki Dun trek is a must on your bucket list as it leaves you fresh and mesmerized and ready to conquer the world after trekking. You’ll fall in love with life and nature in this trek.


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Day 1: Drive to dehradun to sankri 187

#Early in the morning, meet us in Dehradun. We start the wonderful drive from here to the Sankri base camp, situated at 1.950 m above ground.

#The journey takes approximately 11 hours with sufficiently plenty of time to eat. Enjoy the amazing views over the Dhauladhars and downhill greens. The path runs alongside the Tons River.

#Late in the evening, you will arrive in Sankri and after that, you can check-in at the guest house during the night.

#If you like, you can go to town and explore it at your place of stay after dropping your baggage!

Day 2: Drive from sankri to Taluka, Flollowed by a trek to osla | Drive: 12km, trek: 14 km.

#Early in the morning, we’ll start the journey from Sankri to Taluka and then have a hearty breakfast.

#It is about 12 km long and in the late afternoon you will arrive in Taluka. We’ll start our trip to Osla, located at a height of 2560 m after a short rest and without wasting any time. The idea is to reach a splendid Himalayan sunset just in time.

#Along the road, you will pass through a natural phenomenon of bliss, such as the coniferous forests through which we will trek, the Tons River, from which we are going down to, and even the many high altitude bridges we cross!

#Once you have reached the tent, drop your bags and go out to enjoy the sunset and some snacks!

#Later, having a while to rest, have dinner in the mountains around a campfire, and head to your night tents.

Day 3: Trek from osla to har ki dun pass | 11 km

#Begin early and drink in the sunrise glory. We will begin a trek to the Har Ki Dun Pass after a delicious breakfast, which reaches 6,200 m above sea level.

#The terrain of the walk continues to be gradual. During the trek, you can breathe the cold Himalayan air and have a magnificent view of the impressive mountains.

#The route is accompanied by wild orchards and walnut- and pine-brooms.

#You will get a spectacular view of Swargarohini and Jaundhar Glaciers as you arrive at the campsite.

#Enjoy the sunset when you reach your holiday. You can go to the tents for the night after dinner.

Day 4: Trek from har ki dun to jaundhar glacier | 6 km

#Start with another magic sunrise and a magical view over the peaks of Swargarohini and Har Ki Dun. We will start the trip to the Jaundhar Glaciers after breakfast and will last approximately 7 hours.

#Watch your passage through the fascinating rock formations. Taking the view over the Jaundhar Glacier, at a high 4,300 meter height, respire the freshness of the cold Himalayan air.

#After a while, return to the Har Ki Dun Pass campsite. Enjoy your dinner under the starry sky, before heading for the night in your tents.

Day 5: Trek from har ki dun to osla | 11 km

#Enjoy the sunrise, as the heavens change colors, from behind Swargarohini. We start our descent to Osla after a hearty breakfast.

#The trek will take 4-5 hours to complete with sufficient photo pauses along the way.

#The tiny village, called about 1000 years old, has few houses and an old temple. After you have reached the tents, drop your luggage and go to the small hamlet.

#You can withdraw into your tent during the night after filling yourself with a mouthwatering dinner.

Day 6: trek from Osla to Sankri | 26 km

#Get yourself a little more energized by this sunrise and the breakfast. The Sankri Trip is long, partly steep, and takes approximately 7 hours.

#Enjoy the sight of rare alpine flora and fauna such as wild orchids and flocks of migrating birds that swim in the sky.

#Check-in and refresh yourself in your guest house after arriving in Sankri. If you want, you can travel to the few shops in the village.

#You can hit the sack after a delicious dinner.

Day 7: Drive from sankri to dehradun

 #Come to the mountains early and enjoy your last sunrise. Check-out at about 8 am after refreshing and having breakfast.

#Since the journey takes up to 11 hours for breaks to be completed, starting as soon as possible is best.

#When your adventure with us ends, you’ll reach Dehradun at about 7 pm.

Stay Type

You will be able to choose between a guesthouse or a home stay in Sankri for this journey.

At other stops, camp sharing will take place

Waterproof tents and sleeping sacks are provided for you.


We cover full meal cycles with breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea/coffee, snacks and more for you.

Dinner to Day 7 Breakfast is included in meals from day one.

All meals are vegetarian, healthy and tasty! It’s made up of Indian food.


Weather conditions may cause delays.

Don’t litter.

The trek leader’s decisions are final.

Take care of your own luggage, carry minimum weight.

It is strictly forbidden to smoke and drink.

Internet and network connectivity after a certain time are bad, please advise worrying family members in advance.

You shouldn’t come for this adventure if you suffer from asthma, etc.

If you choose a guest house, please respect the hosts and talk to them!

Follow a fitness regime in less than 30 minutes, one month before the trek.


  1. When is the best time to walk around Har Ki Dun?

Har ki Dun Valley is at its best in the summer, from April to June, and in the spring, at the end of September and the beginning of November, because of its remote location. Long-distance hiking trails can be problematic during the monsoon months of July, August, and September, although many Trekkers enjoy the challenge because the trails are not difficult.

  1. Har Ki Dun Trek?

The  Har Ki Dun Trek is almost 29 miles away and takes a full week to complete. In addition to the long walk, this walk will take you to the gifts of nature, where you can calm your body and witness a heavenly display. Along the way, you can stroll through the grass or you can lazily stroll along the orchid trail. The Har Ki Dun Trek is one of the best Treks that people must witness while on vacation.

  1. What is the temperature of Har ki Dun?

In Har ki Dun, the average daytime temperature ranges from 10 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius In the evening, the temperature can drop from 2 to 5 degrees Celsius. When packing woolen garments, please keep in mind both the temperature and the air volume.

  1. What’s the weather like on the Trek in Harki Dun?

When hiking in high altitude areas, the temperature will definitely drop overnight. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear at least 3 layers of clothing to keep warm. It is mostly warm during the day, and if you go on this Trek in the summer, you can also enjoy the perfect view of the mountains.

  1. What is the height of Har ki Dun Trek ?

The highest point of  Har ki Dun stands at a whopping 11,657 feet. The Trek starts at an altitude of about 1,950m in the small town of Sankri, and then gradually increases as you climb.

  1. What is the distance between Dehradun and Har ki Dun?

The distance between  Dehradun and har ki dun is approximately 98.7 kilometers. After arriving in Dehradun, you will have to drive to Sankeri, which is the starting point for the Har ki dun trek. Upon arrival in Dehradun, you will be picked up and then taken to Sankri, then to Taluka, from where your trek will begin.

  1. How long does it take to complete Har Ki Dun Trekking? The

As a result of its length, the Har Ki Dun trek will take 67 days. The entire route has an arch and stunning views of glaciers and alpine forests will add to your trekking adventure.

  1. How should I prepare for the Har ki Dun trek?

It is very easy to prepare for the Har ki dun trek, because you don’t need to plan much before you start. All you have to remember is to have the proper hiking gear, and because the area has a lot of rain, a windbreaker is necessary. In addition to this, another thing that you should not miss is your identity card, because you must show your identity card at the checkpoint. The rest plan can be done by preparing a suitable itinerary according to altitude and weather conditions, or you can book a package with the operator.

  1. Har ki Dun What kind of shoes should I wear for hiking?

The  trekking shoes and snow boots are essential items for Har ki Dun trekking. The terrain varies a lot, so be sure to worry about them.

  1. During the Har ki Dun trek, what clothing or equipment do we need to bring?

Any adventure enthusiast on this Trek can bring the following items. Also check your list. Wardrobe necessities, such as thick wool and woolen clothing, waterproof jackets, sunglasses, windproof jackets, and thermal underwear.

Hiking shoes, snow boots, trekking poles. Moisturizer, lipstick. Flashlight, water bottle, extra polyethylene bag for wet clothes and whistle.

  1. Har ki Dun Is Trekking easy?

Yes, Har ki Dun trek is easy, although it is one of the longest trek, because the route is nearly 47 kilometers, it takes 6 to 7 days to complete the trek. Hiking is easy because the terrain is not very high or rugged, so it is easy to track. All you need for this trek is good endurance, because this is a fairly long trek with a certain degree of difficulty. If you are a beginner and want to start your trekking experience, this is your best choice. What kind of food will the

  1. Har ki Dun Trek provide? What about safe drinking water?

Har ki Dun trekking offers all meals, vegetable dishes and drinking water.

  1. How much weight should I carry during Har ki Dun?

Is recommended to carry a 6L backpack, the weight to transport depends on your requirements and capacity.

  1. What is the difficulty level of the Har ki Dun Trek? What kind of physical stamina is required for hiking in Har Ki Dun?

As one of the well-known trekkings in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Har Ki Dun trek is often synonymous with trekking for beginners. This trekking route will take you to the green valley of the Har Ki Dun Valley at the foot of Fateh Parvat Mountain. At 3556 meters above sea level, it is the most adventurous trail for tourists in the Himalayas. Not recommended for people with respiratory problems or physical injuries.

  1. Is this a good beginner Trek?

Yes, Har ki dun trek is the perfect trek for beginners and beginners. You will walk for about 5/6 hours each day to prepare. You will have some steep ups and downs every day.

  1. Can I do the Har ki Dun walk alone?

Well the answer is yes! You can also do the Har ki Dun trek alone. The long trip is indeed a frequent trip, you can meet new people and travel alone. Although the trail shows the unique landscape of traveling alone, you not only have the opportunity to rediscover yourself, but you also have the opportunity to get closer to nature. However, if you are traveling in a group the Trek will be easier, if you are alone you can also join a group.

  1. Can I go to Har ki Dun trek in February?

Yes, you can definitely visit Har Ki Dun Trek in February. This is one of the best times to enjoy frequent snowfall and low temperatures. You will be able to Trek through snow-covered trails and enjoy the tranquil view of the snow-covered mountains.

  1. Can I take a Har ki Dun Trek in December?

If you want to enjoy the Har Ki Dun Trek to the full, then December will be a good time because it will snow heavily. The temperature in the area dropped to almost 0.5 degrees Celsius. If you plan to travel in December, you should make sure to bring enough wool clothing to protect yourself.

  1. What is the distance between Delhi and Har ki Dun?

Har Ki Dun is 450 kilometers from Delhi and can be covered in 10 hours. You can take a direct flight to Dehradun and cover the remaining distance by road. You can also take direct trains and buses from Delhi to Har Ki Dun.

  1. Can I drink and smoke while hiking?

Taking into account the policies and terms of trekking, alcohol or any other narcotics or smoking is strictly prohibited during trekking.

  1. Are there any dangerous wild animals or other dangers on the Har ki Dun walking trail?

Yes, there are dangerous wildlife on Har Ki Dun Trek because it is part of Govind National Park, which is famous for its diverse flora and fauna. It is recommended to always walk with your teammates instead of hiking alone.

In addition, make sure they stay in the tent and get alone with their trekking partners. Speaking of avalanches, it does no harm to anyone, because there are almost no avalanches in the Ghawar Himalayas, which makes them the perfect choice for all seasons.

  1. Can I go to Har ki dun trek in August?

Yes, you can visit Har Ki Dun Trek in August because this is the best month to enjoy hiking. If you are a person who likes to accept challenges, now is the time because it will rain in this place, so you will find that there are few challenges on the long-distance trekking route, which will definitely increase the overall fun factor.

  1. Can I go to har ki dun trek in March?

Yes, you can visit Har Ki Dun trekking during the summer months in the area. The weather conditions will no longer be bad, and you will be able to get rid of the cold weather conditions. If you are a beginner and do not want to enter the harsh conditions of the monsoon season, this is definitely a good time to Trek.


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