Beas Kund Trek 2020, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India

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The Beas Kund trek leads to the Bear River Spring – Beas Kund, at 3893 m in depth in the Himalayas. This Manali hike begins at Solang, for which ski enthusiasts and those seeking adventure activities such as skiing in the valley are particularly interested. Either in April-May or after October is the best weather for the beas kund trek. A completely new aspect of the walk is the seasons of spring and winter. In March, the Trek Beas Kund peaks to 50 degrees while in November the minimum temperature can be seen.

During the adventure, you will experience amazing views! Beas Kund trek offers a lot of excitement from the towering, dense oak, pine, fir, and spruce forests, bubbling streams in the midst of the forests, campsites at the amazing campsites, and a visit to the Beas Kund! It will offer you the amazing scenery of various Himalayan peaks such as Deo Tibba, Indrasan, and Hanuman Tibba, as well as the glorious Himalayan sunrise and sunset, jam-packed with activities and yet comfortably rushing. The walk will take you along the Bhagirath River, through the thick forests of towering oaks and pine trees, through lush green meadows and rivulets.

You’ll stay overnight in camps during the adventure! Enjoy the brilliance of the tents sharing, speaking late in the night, and sleeping after an exciting, long day!

At Solang, the Beas Kund trek begins. You must first reach Manali to reach Solang. Joginder Nagar (50 km), but not well connected to the major cities, is Manali’s closest railway station. Therefore, Chandigarh (310km) or Ambala Cant is the closest broad gauge railway station (300km). The airport of Bhuntar is only 50 km from Kullu and Manali is the closest airport, but prices are usually high. The journey by bus from Delhi, Shimla, Dharamshala, Chandigarh, etc, is often recommended. You can take a bus from Manali to Solang, which takes up to 45 minutes to reach the destination.


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Day1: Trek From Solang to Dhundi | 4 hours

#After an enjoyable breakfast, we will begin the trip to Dhundhi at an altitude of 3149 m, early in the morning.

#The trek takes us to heavy fir trees, thick oak and walnut forests. Except for the occasional bird and the sound of your steps, enjoy the fresh forest smell and the silence that pervades the wood.

#The hike takes approximately 8 km and the pitch is slightly slow. Hanuman Tibba’s view from far away is all-embracing!

#Upon your arrival, camp and relax in Dhundi. The camping Dhundhi offers a magnificent view over the Beas River, past rocks and green paths to the trekkers all around.

#You can retire to your tents for the night after a delicious dinner.

Day 2: Via Beas Kund and back to Dhundi from Dhundi to Bakarthach| 8-10 hours

#Get up on the dawn break to dine on the glorious sunrise of the Himalayas. We start our first leg after breakfast to Beas Kund, which is 3893 meters above sea level.

#During the entire ride you’ll never be left alone by the amazing panorama of the snowy Himalayas. Deo Tibba and Indrasan can be easily recognised.

#Their aroma spreads throughout your way through fir and spruce trees. When you reach the lake, however, all kinds of flora, including grass patches, would be totally removed, with bare mountains and snow patches only visible.

#You will reach Beas Kund after hiking for a while. The lake is the spring of the Beas River and an apparently endless area of grassland is surrounded. Take note of the water flow patterns, when the different streams join the main river.

#Here we go on a walk to Bakarthach, at 3270 m above sea level, after a rest. The journey takes 4-5 hours and is another 6-kilometer long.

#The walk is step by step, partly steeper. At this stage of the hike, in summer, we will go through rocks and blocks and in winter, through the snow.

#Take the magnificent view as we pause here as we reach it. We start our trek back to Dhundi after a while, about 5 kilometers away.

#Upon your arrival at the campsite, get a refreshing dinner and then head to the tabernacle!

Day 3: Trek from Dhundi to Solang Valley and drive to Manali

#Begin early in the day, enjoy the lovely sunrise. We start the descent back to the Solang Valley at a height of 2560 m after a pleasant breakfast.

#The downhill is comfortable for up to 4 hours. After this, you can explore the Solang Valley for a while, go sightseeing, or indulge the various activities of the Solang Valley. In Solang Valley you can go paragliding, skiing and much more!

#You have also the option, depending on your plans, to start your trip to Manali immediately. The bus to Manali will leave at 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. and takes up to 45 minutes to complete the journey. You can plan as required.

Stay Type

You stay in camps for the duration of this adventure – on a multiple basis.

We provide the necessary camping gear such as waterproof tents and sleeping bags for you.

The hygiene standards are the most stringent in all our provisions.


For the first 2 days of your trip, we provide complete meal cycles.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea and coffee snacks are included.

We’re covering your breakfast on the third day.

All of the food that we offer is healthy and nutritious.

It consists of vegetarian and Indian cuisine.


Minimum carry weight

There are two variations in the trek package: transport and transport free.

It is not permitted to use alcohol or smoke.

The trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.

Weather conditions may cause delays

It is recommended not to go for this expedition for anyone suffering from health conditions such as asthma etc. But it’s at your own risk if you so decide.

Don’t wear thermals while hiking regardless of how cold it is.

Grab your own baggage, please.

Before boarding the trek, consult a doctor.


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