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About Triund Trek

As shortly as somebody says trekking in India, I’m certain the beautiful Himachal Pradesh would have crossed your mind, right? The gorgeous Himachal Pradesh has lots of treks for the trek lovers and journey freaks. 

One of those treks that you shouldn’t miss is the Triund Trek. Triund, a charming trekking destination that is close within the Dhauladhar Mountain. The jaw-dropping views can capture your heart and offers you a beautiful feeling. First-time trekker? Well, to not worry! Triund Trek may be a good one for the first-time trekkers and conjointly suits all age bracket folks. 

Just keep reading and let’s trek the unbelievably stunning Triund trek. Introduction is one among the foremost widespread treks to travel over a weekend from Old Delhi and Chandigarh. 

The path to Triund trek is brief however steep. The steep climb is well-compensated by refreshing walks amongst bush and oak trees. There also are varied songbirds within the forests on the path that build it a birdwatcher’s delight.

In the Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, Triund trek is a lovely hamlet situated at an altitude of approximately 2,828m. It is situated at the bottom of Dhauladhar, the heart of McLeodganj and Dharamshala, and is considered to be the location from which the trek starts.

Triund Trek is regarded as one of Himachal Pradesh’s most common and easiest treks. This adventurous trail is wandered every year by many trekkers and visitors.

Triund is a small hill with a large green grassland, deodar, oak, pine, and forest of Rhodeodaran.

The trek has many things to offer its clients – an amazing panorama of the Dhauladhar region as well as the valley of the Kangra, the pryst snow gleaming in the sun, the bright colors of the wild Rhododendrons, exploring the forest among massive pine and oak trees and above all, the all-pervasive serenity that makes every trip into the mountains so special.

Triund trek total distance is 9 km (5.6 miles), covered within 4-5 hours. This trek can also be started by beginners.

This tour begins from Dharmakot and Mcleodganj, with two starting points. From Dharamkot we are going to begin triund trek. Mcleodganj is 10 km away from Triund.

After Triund trek we’ll hike towards the 6 km long Laka Got. Take the snow to get to the Laka Glacier, both of which are full of snow and ice and offer stunning and freezing views of the area.

Throughout the year, Triund trek is available. The best time to visit Triund is in May-June and September- October. The best time to explore and appreciate the beauty of Triund is in the summer season. Winters are a perfect time to come for a cold and snowy experience. This place experiences extreme rainfall in the monsoon season (June & July). It is strongly recommended not to trek in Triund during the Monsoon season. Triund Trek Campsite adds beauty. Experience the sunrises to wake up and finish the day with stunning sunflowers. The sky is all sun-filled in the night.

Experience the best of nature in this adventure and stay at camps overnight, share tents, and sleep in your sleeping bags!

Places to visit nearby

Triund is in Himachal Pradesh’s and the most popular trekking destination, with a majestic Himalayan view. There are many interesting places to visit in the immediate vicinity, such as Bhagsu Falls, a popular tourist atmosphere known as Dalai Lama’s Dwelling and its captivating and refreshing waterfall. The Tibetan spiritual director, It’s a perfect place to learn about Tibetan culture in a peaceful atmosphere. Mcleodganj has many hiking and tourist destinations, and some of the hiking trails include a Kareri river trek, a Temple of Guna Devi, and hikes on the Indrahar pass.

McLeodganj or Dharamshala can best be reached by taking an overnight bus from Delhi. The gap between Dharamshala and Triund is 8 km. A train from Delhi can be also taken. Shimla – Kangra District is the closest railway station, and direct bus service from there to Dharamshala or Mcleodganj is provided. A private taxi from here to Mcleodganj is available for flights to the Dharamshala (Gaggal Airport and Kangra Airport).

Some General Travel Tips For Triund Trek:

# Get your trekking gear and equipment prepared and carried.

# Take a first-aid kit and any medications you need.

# Before trekking in the area, take all permits and licenses.

# Still trek on good boats or walks. 

# Seasonal pack. 

# Take a cell phone and camera spare batteries.

# Do this trek with an accomplished and certified master.

# Bring with you some practical snacks and a bottle of water.

# Keep clean and don’t litter your place.

# Pack only the basics, take a light backpack, and pack.

# Hydrate yourself all along the trail.

# Stop using plastic bags and bottles and bring with you a filterable water bottle.

Considering it’s a simple trek and with the easy accessibility from Dharamshala or Mcleodganj, there are an outsized variety of trekkers who go this trek, creating it troublesome to get pleasure from the serenity of the place and may get jammed on top throughout the weekends or season. It’s Suggested to experience the sweetness of this trek throughout the weekdays. It conjointly provides for a grand chance to experience the colourful Tibetan culture.

 Look behind and you’ve got the sun setting with some golden lights hit these mountain ranges. 

The path to Triund trek is brief however steep. The steep climb is well-compensated by refreshing walks amongst bush and oak trees. There also are varied songbirds within the forests on the path that build it a birdwatcher’s delight. 

The Triund Trek ,a tranquil, simple and one among the foremost picturesque treks in Himachal Pradesh, conjointly one among the foremost widespread within the country. Amidst the misty Dhauladhar ranges, with the gorgeous Kangra valley on one aspect, the Triund trek is good for first-time trekkers further as practised trekkers or journey seekers. 

Trek on the oak and bush forests, peaceful and bright meadows, and difficult curves whereas enjoying tea and snacks at rest stops. There are rock-cut caves when the trek finish point, that are One in a kind to this trek. Remember mind that the Triund Trek is sort of simple to accomplish without a trek guide. 

Best Time To Visit: 

May, June, September and October are the most effective months to get pleasure from Triund Trek. The climate is often pleasant and may get chilly in the dark. Monsoons also are an honest time to trek however you may not need to camp nightlong, during which case you’ll be able to occupy a guest house in Triund. Winters are very cold here, however if you don’t mind the cold, you’ll be able to enter winters too. The trek are going to be less jammed. 

Why it’s an essential visit: 

Triund is the ideal destination for those seeking a hassle-free style of trekking within the chain of mountains. The trek will simply be done over a weekend. With exciting views of the Kangra valley and also the snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges, it’s additionally very picturesque. 

Get an opportunity to witness the numerous little hamlets and stream through the Triund trek.  Get pleasure from habitation at a high summit and also the clear night sky below the billions of stars.  Also, get pleasure from a little fire together with your friends and also the different trekkers in Alpine tents . Get an opportunity to witness the rare flora and fauna of this region as you continue your Triund trek. 


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Day-1 Trek to Triund ( Dharmakot to Triund ) – 8 km Long trek

#10:00 AM – meet us at McLeodganj’s Dharamkot less than 2 km away. From here we will begin our walk. Get ready to look at the panorama of nature.

# It takes between 4-5 hours for beginners. We will travel at a relaxed speed, explore the road, look through the dense forest, and drink in the splendid view.

# Before sunset we’ll hit Triund because that’s what can’t be skipped during this trek. You will never forget it forever, once you have seen the absolute beauty of the sunset.

# We’ll launch our sweeping stories about campfire during the star-studded evening and will enjoy our delicious dinner. 

# At approximately 10:00 PM – You can retire at night to your tent.

Day-2 Sunrise at around and back to Dharamkot

# Wake up early to take advantage of the sunrise. Sunrise is the other thing you cannot miss along with the sunset on this memorable trek. With the rising sun, the view of the sky is more than just beautiful – it takes away your breath.

# You can relax a while after getting sunrise, have breakfast in the morning, and plan for your next day’s ride.

# We will have to start very early this day, as the steps we covered on the last day will be retracted from here. Since the way however is mostly a descent, it is also simpler and quicker for beginners.

# We’re going to keep pace at ease and enjoy the exciting walk back.

# We arrive at Dharamkot in the evening, where this voyage ends.

Stay Type

Stay in a campsite in tents on a multiple sharing basis.

For this experience, we will provide you with waterproof tents and sleeping bags.

Keep in mind that our supply is 100% clean and hygienic.


For the first day we will provide dinner.
Second-day breakfast.
All food consists of Indian cuisine and is vegetarian, healthy and nutritious.


Minimum carry weight

Don’t litter and clean your environment

Alcohol and other toxic substances are not recommended for consumption.

Don’t wail.

Don’t wander yourself.

The trek leader’s decision will be final and binding.

Weather conditions may cause delays. Furthermore the trek leader may decide to take the walk back to the previous location or any other point in the night camp if heavy rainfall occurs at any of the camp sites.

It is advisable not to go to this expedition to anyone with conditions like asthma etc. But it’s at your own risk if you so decide.

Grab your own baggage, please.

In those regions, mobile connectivity is not so good, so all-important phone calls at Kasol would be better.

Carry warm, season-independent clothing.


  1. What is Triund Trek’s best time?

From March to June, the best time to visit Triund is. With open views, the weather stays cozy and cool. The weather in Triund, bar colder winter months, is cool and pleasant year-round.

  1. What are the Triund Trek activities?

The Triund Trek provides the best views of the snow-packed Dhauladhar Valley and its hilly panoramic stretches. This location is ideal for walking through the large forest of fir trees, alpine, oaks, and rhododendron trees.

Your day 1 adventure includes yoga classes, in which you can learn how your inner soul can connect and be one. Camping in alpine tents adds to your Triund walking experience with more adventurous flavors. Every night, a light fire with light music playing in the background can be enjoyed in group activities.

  1. In case of extreme cold, should we eat alcohol on the trek of Triund?

No. During your trek, you should not drink alcohol, not during the cold season. You can’t even bring alcohol with you, literally.

  1. Campsite is permitted in Triund trek?

Yes, in Triund Trek it is permitted to camp. Jannattrips actually gives all their trekking enthusiasts a camping experience. These tents can be shared three times. Moreover, you can see toilet camps on the exact campsite.

  1. What is Triund Trek’s difficulty level?

It is easy to moderate the difficulty of the trek. This trek includes gradual uphills that can easily be taken by beginners as well. The first 5 km are simple and straightforward.

  1. What kind of shoes do I need to take on the Triund tour?

For your trek, a good trekking shoe is a must. When you go on a trek, choose trekking shoes that are flexible and serve you well. See also that they are waterproof. Quechua Forclaz 100 High is going to be a good option.

  1. What are the Triund Trek package washroom/toilet facilities?

On your trip to Triund, we give waterproof toilet tents. Depending on the group size, there will be 2/4 tents. For your natural calls, the toilet tents have a deep pit. You’re also going to have a dirt mound and shovel to cover it. For you in the wild, it is the most hygienic way. In addition to the wet wipes, toilet paper is advisable.

  1. What sort of fitness is appropriate for walking in Triund??

The hike is not too rough, but there are tricky paths that also require deep snow climbing. But you must brace yourself for this. This encourages you to start jogging every day and then cycle for a while. Take the stairs forever without breaks to keep you fit.

Start every day with a breeze of 10 minutes and then some exercises like stretching. Every day you can also do some yoga to better control your breathing.

  1. Is Triund open throughout the year?

Yes, the whole year round Triund is available. But during the monsoon one should stop trekking. The rocks are slippery in some areas at that moment. In addition, if there is heavy snowfall, the place is kept locked. You can always try this Triune trekking trail if you are a professionally certified walker.

  1. Is there a day to reserve Triund Trek?

Since the Triund Trek’s total distance and complexity are less than in other locations, the trek can be completed one day. However, if you wish to experience Triund’s complete beauty, a one-day stop is a must. Night camping on the top of the hill offers nature lovers full enjoyment.

  1. Will my first trek be Triund?

Yes, Triund can be your first hike as one of the easiest beginners’ Himalayan hiking trips to explore. Many travelers had the first experience of trekking in Triund. For the first-time trekkers, Trekking in Triund is an absolute snow paradise. The scenery is blended with fun and enthusiasm and enjoys stunning views.

  1. Which is Triund Trek’s total trek distance?

The total journey to Triund top is 9 kilometers. The ride to the destination takes only four to five hours from the base camp. The last 1 km is a little steep in this 9 kilometer, so you can take some additional time to finish it.

  1. For beginners, is Triund Trek safe?

Triund Trek, okay. Jannattrips is safe for beginners because it is one of the most sought-after treks for beginners. This is a little 9 km trek which is easy to complete in 4 or 5 hours. On top of that, it’s a little hard but can be done for everyone.

  1. What is Triund Trek’s overnight option?

Triund Trekking’s best part is spending time with friends or alone at night. Here you can look at glittering stars, hear exotic animals’ sounds, and endlessly welcome the freezing winds. Tents are given on a joint basis for accommodation.

Trekkers talk to their closest friends and care for their memories. However, if the snowfall is more than predicted at the top of the hill, and beyond the reach of the operator, then it is planned in Dharamkot to avoid any malfunction.

  1. Can the Triund Trek kit provide food and water?

The kit includes dinner and breakfast. On day one of the itinerary, after arriving at the desired location you may have a nice lunch along your trail and dinner. After an overnight stay, until checking out, you can enjoy the morning meal.

  1. What is the Triund Trek’s start and end?

The point of departure and end is McLeodganj in the Triund Trek. Before 10.00 am, the trekking must begin at the Bhagsu Nag Taxi Stand. The trekking trail is finished only once you enter the base camp at Chola after breakfast in the morning.

  1. What is the group size of the minimum kit for Triund Trek?

Don’t worry, if you can’t find any supporters to use the kit. You will enter with other trekkers our Triund party departures. You will be well placed to go and have your weekend of joy until you have all the necessary trekking things such as shoes, hats, gloves, and shades.

  1. For solos and female voyageurs, is Triund Trek safe?

For solo and female travelers, the hike is absolutely safe and secure. As an association, we care about both women and solos, ensuring that the trail is convenient. In addition, on request, we give men and women separate accommodation. So safety issues for solo and female travelers no longer exist.

  1. What is Triund Trek’s highest altitude?

It is almost 9,432 feet high on the ground where you can watch and enjoy eyes on the reefs of the Dhauladhar range. You will walk to the Snow Line café, which is halfway through the climb, and then you go to the notch after a short break.

  1. Triund Trek is secure?

Triund Trek, instead, says the Himalayas, is called one of the best treks in Himachal. On the whole trio, trekkers will still encounter people on the way. There are no theft cases or similar incidents until now.

In addition, local people support you very much and always welcome you. In Triund Trekking there are also no wild animals. It’s therefore totally secure and can also be used by solo travelers.


2 reviews for Triund Trek with Camping 2022, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India

  1. Arjun singh

    Hi everybody, a breathtaking trind trek. But only because of our guide – the experience was amazing. Rahul helped me overcome my heights fear. He continued to motivate me to go further and helped me descend by keeping my hand constantly. We all loved the service and made many new friends in this group, too;) I went with 3 of my friends. And this is why I’ll advise everybody about jannattrips. And it’s comfortable and welcoming for the stay and the atmosphere is surreal.

  2. saloni sethi

    I enjoyed the triund trek to the core. All this happen because of jannattrips which is recommended by my friends. It was an amazing time with them…

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