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On the Pir Panjal range in the Himalayas, Oct Hampta Pass trek is perched at an elevation of 4,270m (14039ft). It is a small passageway in Himachal Pradesh between the Lahaul Chandra Valley and the Kullu Valley. Himachal Pradesh is one of the best and most convenient treks in Manali.

The adventure tour of Hampta Pass will take you to the valley of wildflowers, alpine Meadows of conifer forest, rock walls, beautiful waters, snow-white glaciers and much more.The trail takes you to Kullu’s lush green valleys. While crossing the pass you see the Lahaul Valley deserts all surrounded by mountains, the Hampta Pass trek serves as a balcony view of a different new world.

Take the Hampta Pass Trek to a magnificent path that takes you to the Himalayan core. Hampta Pass Trek is one of the most beautiful and easiest treks in Himachal. From green meadows to pristine rivers, to glacial valleys to imposing Himalayan ranges you can visit the various countryside. This guided tour through the Hampta Pass circuit is ideal for economical travelers in the Himalayas!

It offers views of the Himalayan snow-covered peaks, the translucent Chandratal lake, and lush wetlands and forests along rivers of the Ravi River. The 4-day Hampta Pass Trek brings you into the charming beauty of the Himalayan Pir Panjal. The difficulty level of the Hampta Pass Trek is modest. The hike can be done by both beginners and experienced trekkers! In the middle of October, the Hampta Pass Trek will be the most enjoyable, with a temperature of about 5 degrees in the day! Temperatures range between 12 ° C and 18 ° C during the day and fall to -6 °C and 4 ° C at night. During the monsoon, avoid trekking because of heavy rain and possibilities of slip and other mishappenings. During the walk, 14,065 ft in the Himalayas are reached! During the walk, 14,065 ft in the Himalayas are reached!

From Manali, the Hampta Pass trek will begin. The little hamlet in the Kullu valley, from Manali to Jobra. The walk from Jobra to the Chika Basecamp takes place. The Hampta Pass starts with Chika Basecamp. You will cross amazing boulders next to Rani Nallah while trekking from Chika to Balu ka Ghera. Siagoru is one of the most famous campsites and the next stop is this Himalayan walk. Snow-covered tapestries and Deo Tibet Peak will be seen. Camp by a quiet stream along the river, and watch beautiful wildflowers. Go from Siagoru to Chatru (12,900ft) (11,000ft). Chatru, known for its three passes Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti and with its snowy mountains and valleys, offers you an enchanting view down the road towards Lake Chandratal, a high-altitude alpine lake, and great views.

The moon lake contains majestic mirrors of all the mighty peaks of the Himalayas. Chandratal lake has located a height of 14,100 ft above sea level. You will fall in love with the Himalayas beauty with the blue waters. One of India’s high altitude humidity is the color of the sacred lake. Another highlight of the trek is Chandratal Lake.

Nearby visiting sites

The Hampta Pass is a lovely and adventurous destination for hiking. In the vicinity there are so many places to visit as Deo Tibba, which is a popular tourist sight from top to top and one of the highest peaks in the range in Pir Panjal, while Bhrigu Lake is one of the highest glacial lakes to the east of Rohtang, Rahala Falls is a site that catches the eye with untouched beauty, and fell due to glaciers melting and the magnificent view;The Rohtang Pass is known for its trekkers and mountain bikers, and Sarkund is also known by its medical properties in Rohtang Pass.Malana is a pristine destination in the vicinity of Parvati Valley, which is surrounded by Deo Tibet and Chandrakhani peak. It is a peaceful place. Some others are the famous tourist hotspot, as are the Koksar, the Manu, the Kothi and Hidimba Devi temples.

You’ll be staying in camps with tents and fun-fires under starry nights and mountain peaks for the duration of this adventure.

Manali, which is 536 km from the capital, Delhi, can be reached by air, by train, and by road. Take the first steps toward Jobra, and then you reach the lovely Chika meadow in the center with the Rani River as a camping spot.


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Day 1

chika to Balu ka Ghera

# Come to Manali and get Jobra's package. Here you begin your trek to the base camp of Chika. # Head for Balu ka Ghera after breakfast. # 8-hour hike through the luxuriant Rhodendrons from the valleys of the Himalayas, with a view of the top of Dhuladhar along a river. You also cross the waterfall and scenic Jwara Valley and its multi-colored flowers along the way.

Day 2

Balu ka Ghera to Saigoru

# You can take a steep climb to Hampta Pass and then a sharp descent to Sia Goru one of the most thrilling hikes of this journey. Marvel at the now-patched carpets and Deo Tibet's summit. # Explore the tranquil valley setting, meet local people, and spot some shepherds on a mountain pass. The descent can be difficult and you either go down the route or use the support ropes. Here you can build your camps.

Day 3

Siagoru - Chatru ( 5 Hours )

# The following day you will descend to 1900km, a trip downhill, a party of inner HIMALAYA's Pir Panjal range surrounded by thrilling mountain rides and slippery slopes. 2-3 hours later, beneath the river Chandra and on a road beside it, you will notice. There are more than two glaciers to cross next. Chatru, the next camping area, is the other side of the glacier.

Day 4

Chatru to Chandratal

# Chatru is a magnificent campground; the three passes, Hampta, Rohtang, and Spiti, are all agreed to. You will be brought by the glorious Chandratal Lake on a two-hour drive from Chatru. It is 14,000ft above sea level. # The same can only be visited in the summer months, and with its enchanting elegance, the enchanting River takes your heart away. It is spellbinding to represent the Himalayan ranges in the lake. # If the conditions of the road and the weather permit, you must return to Manali.

Day 5

Chatru/Chandratal to Manali

# Back to Manali in the late evening will take you a 7-hour drive. This is the end of our journey! You can book a train, or you can explore the Gods' Valley!
  • All requisite licenses and permits.
  • Trekking expertise and guide.
  • Relevant camping gear for stay.
  • Meals and transport for the relevant time period.

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